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2011 European and American actress dress red and black list

Looking back on 2011, European and American entertainment, superstar dress their brains so that we clear understanding of the fashion industry is indeed a cruel fate has turned the battlefield, and supermodel, stylist who will head a time point of heat guilty of error, dressed to look up it neither fish nor fowl!  Ray’s sister daily Gaga, Rihanna will have to wear out or we have to praise the time.  Please follow PClady dress with red and black list actress enjoy the 2011

Red List on behalf of it ~: (Selena Gomez), a charming Giorgio Armani silk dress with a hem system of high X-fringed dress, plunge neckline, glittering The Jimmy Choos, completely star of tomorrow.

Heibang Representative: Laolunpopu (Lauren Pope), does not mean less wear and better, they need to mix is ​​the key, especially in this high-class charity dinner.  Sexy looming we need, not a single piece of raw meat like blowing!  God, you are so sexy in the end in what to wear.

Red List Representative: Yes that is Lady Gaga, you would say she is not normal a few, but this time very quiet indeed worth out of dress, leather gloves, diamond necklace, high heels, retro hair, learning, learning, we must learn about , Gaga sister, we quite like your normal dress.

 Heibang Representative: Rebecca Hall (Rebecca Hall) dress this body look bad! Mesh dress with a pair of shoes Shining pressing the body into a full geometry, we also become the textbook of mine who dress like a model.

Red List Representative: gray gray overlay, color overlay nude nude color, Kate Moss (Kate Moss) is not that out of the mix of skill, the younger players catch up, but ah!  Some face makeup just dim, is not a recent smoking too much.

Heibang Representative: Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera) This dress does have a good taste of a woman, but we do not like her that did not grasp for self-build approach.  Is it forcing us to find her mini skirt or mini shorts it?  Does she not know that a small thick legs are not black silk interpretation of it?

Red List on behalf of: how to become three-dimensional parallel to the red carpet together? Learn  Na (Zoe Saldana) it! Giorgio Armani two-tone dress skirts and Nicholas Kirkwood heels, whether it is in the crowd, the red carpet or paparazzi’s lens, she can be both superstar look.

Heibang behalf of: Lady Gaga and  (Nicki Minaj) compared, style is definitely high, after all, Gaga sister is instilled through the quality of life of people in Manhattan, too Funny dress will not be bad to taste ! But Nicky was really too stunning.  We can accept mix and match styles, procrastination floral skirt also seen in the past, remember do not go out with your Bra would be scared of people.

Red List on behalf of: fact, very fair, looks beautiful girls wearing ordinary, strange clothes will look good, looks bad to wear anything as good-looking girls simply come to a eye-catching, which is quite upset.  Like Olivier Abraham Palermo (Olivia Palermo) this, what to wear will not look good.  Even a pair of jeans, a T-shirt you will go back and look at her glances.  So when she wore this pants suit with a blue complex when bound has become a focus of the audience.

Heibang Representative: Rachel Zoe (Rachel Zoe), the successful modeling of Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway), Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz), Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie) sometimes wearing the wrong stylist.  Tips: Do not be an element of wear out from head to toe, you only need staying twelve words on it.

Red List on behalf of: hit the color of love is the most Xiaobian Rihanna (Rihanna) this dress, Christian Dior’s hit color dress skirt, all the colors that conflict.  What’s with the brown skin on the Leiha, the effect was great!

Heibang representative: it is I’m sorry, Tyra Banks (tyra banks) is your real dress is too big compliment to our dismay.  Although the clothing is very popular with pants, but the trend over the pursuit of forgetting the basic aesthetic, but very wrong, you need a rush to take a look at Fashion Week!

Red List on behalf of: Best dressed Kate Middleton Princess less (Kate Middleton) that it is simply outrageous! Kate wearing a very elegant dress Reiss’s family attended the international access, and this gives us good lesson: you can not represent elegance, to learn to choose.  We also need to conduct their own wardrobe examined.  There is a good hat!

Heibang Representative: Unless you are 100% sure this dress, do not easily challenge this looks uncomfortable and printing.  Like Jessica Sizuo Seoul (Jessica Szohr) complex printing this body shirt with pants so that we see confused dead.

Red List on behalf of: spring favorite skirt length + Chanel’s favorite female singer = Florence Welch (Florence Welch), and this floating fairy dress, beautiful!

Heibang behalf of: learning about her choice of lace, but do not select this dress nets and any element.  This is the part of Lady Gaga’s style, can only belong to Lady Gaga.  This dress is not just scary Gaga sister would be scary!

The last one is my favorite actress, she is Angelina Jolie
 Red List on behalf of: Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), the red carpet at the Green Jackets became apparent contrast, Julie piercing the Versace taste.
This one is purely the author’s words, is purely entertainment.

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