Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help girls: a holiday to wear school uniforms to let go with a sweep of the campus 4

REVIEW: the end of the semester immediately pack up and leave home, catch up with the election of the Year for his new clothes at the same time, how you match has become a compulsory homework.  Daily school uniforms, of course not even close, fashionable dress is every girl’s dream of self-cultivation. Crazy tutorial, you legend analytical piece know how to ride!

Help girls: you just walked into the University, looked at their sister school make-up, dress, love for their future college life is full of imagination. In addition to homework, but the girls will learn to dress courses Oh! This holiday season to make your fashion Redu leaps and bounds it! Campus now Europe and Japan and South Korea the trend goes beyond factions.  Jackets , leggings , sweaters everyday bold single product mix piercing personality is key.

Fur coat

Fur coat
This season is good popular plush coat, the campus is a smash hit. But often there was not worried about fat control suspect Oh! Indeed, the exaggerated silhouette unprecedented expansion of an additional sense, to see how to match it! The fur as a decoration, a sense of what the leg outline clear lines soaring. Pretty eyes printed leggings, boots temperament also improved slope with myself!

Mini dresses
Mix and match to create different possibilities Oh! dug out the spring and summer vest, skirt , mix and match suit small jacket in winter you can still go out ah. Black stockings and black uniform jacket, there are key for the black boots , really can be a thin outer contour SIZE Oh! Stock your big backpack, slim little girl is you!
Neutral woolen coat
Compared with the lovely cold neutral temptation greater. Duffle coat in order to demonstrate how to wear my personality? In fact too simple than that! a sweater , T-shirts , leggings , boots , four elements can handle that. Because a large proportion of woolen coat, a level of focus. By clothing color transition, blue, white, black, gray, clean and neat.
Mini tutu
Step skirt , bud skirt tutu seems to have no more sought-after. Waist, a sense of expansion have become fashionable modifier. Build Europe popular dress, certain essential. Black T-shirt , tutu pattern, do not have to worry about increased waist hip problem friends. MM suggested wide hips as carefully chosen Yo!

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