Saturday, January 28, 2012

Korean women take the lead interview loading trendy

The upcoming holidays, all graduates who have been busy with preparation for employment.  Many are going to do the job of the students are busy preparing the interview, dress for the interview to worry about.  Installed prior to the interview often refers to the black suits and white shirts, plus neat ball head.  And not much difference between the interviewer can not dress to attract attention.  A person’s first impression will be finished less than 5 seconds, educational ability is important, but also occupies the interview wearing a very important position. Stylish and unobtrusive, while the performance of his personality is the most intelligent interview dress fitted.

Fur coat
Pure white fur coat elements, fresh colors, giving a very charming romantic, simple and smooth design, very easy and stylish, classic bunt shape, showing a charming able wind.

Knitted jacket
Solid knit jacket with a fur chest, stitching design, a simple Yiyi adds a touch of luxurious flavor, texture of the thread combed fabric, so Yi Yi presents a comfortable feeling, simple lines, the perfect belt more of a type.
Loose sweater
Dark red color, loose sweaters , stylish colors, revealing a very sweet and casual style, combed texture of the thread fabric, very comfortable wearing them, there is no binding sense, reflect a very relaxed casual street style.

Leather jacket
Deep coffee color leather jackets, delicate and soft leather lining, dress is very comfortable, elegant straight version of the model, so that the lines of the body more slender, oblique zipper design, more innovative, reflect a very charming little Woman breath.
Cape-style coat
Elegant color, emitting a very elegant and charming atmosphere, elegant and perfect Fitted to waist more slender three-dimensional lines, double-breasted combed texture, showing a charming gorgeous colors, distributed warm and romantic atmosphere.
Double-breasted wool coat
Black woolen fabric of the coat , fashion color, emitting a very attractive sexy atmosphere, cultivating the straight version of the model, there is no binding sense, revealing Mature perfect temperament, exquisite small collar, fur embellishment, more of luxury.
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