Monday, January 9, 2012

New year sweet cool thin wearing took five sets of strongly recommended

REVIEW: new year, we have to do to prepare? Hot for New Year, when the great sweep of the New Year new atmosphere, to a new dress, pretending to play it cool to be thin-based Meng! How thin? To see here! Small series over strongly recommended to dress your sets, sweet Cool New Year’s loaded, ready up!

Fur clothing is comfortable to wear, but control the bad that lets oneself become very fat men, then when the accessories like the dress becomes systemic highlights, just echoing and snow boots, super hot this year lambs wool coat, select one of the Oh! + DIKU MaxMara black sweater, warm and thin!

Of course! all the fur coat is hot this year, recommended to build hot women women tied in the waist and skinny jeans in the white base, roll the pants will make their own fashion degree increase, Leopard platform shoes with thick with vintage shoes are wonderful. Remember legs some skinny!
Woolen cloth coat a wide range of different colors, retro plethora of element is added, to remind ourselves of the whole to meet each other, the little deer pattern retro sweater tied no more inside the pants, black fine with boots and caps, echoing the increased sense of retro, green woolen cloth coat secure collocation, if is the black would not be so bright!
Irregular Polo cotton clothing are characteristic, the same select skinny jeans, roll trouser socks can be seen, the same old feeling, hat mix of cute, sweet and cool people love Oh!
Solid color twist knitting sweater this year, t-shirt white base, grey played DIKU clean to wear, Western style Oh! looser opening next to the bright yellow sweater is very special, under width on narrow, must display the thin myself!
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