Sunday, January 1, 2012

UGG you wear right? European and American film actress street demonstration

REVIEW: snow boots  wave has been popular for several fall and winter, this year’s Redu continues unabated. The new material and warmth UGG in the foundation, more attention to style, innovation and decorative use. UGG you wear right? Please follow the small series with a list of European and American actress out to the streets to see how to use IT GIRL UGG concave shape of it – Variety

Blake Lee (Blake Lively) is probably the favorite UGG’s European and American actress , both in the “Gossip Girl” filming on-site or to go shopping alone, UGG do not leave the body.  Classic brown snow boots + stockings , so have slender legs Black curve is completed, although a black long coat is not worthy of note, but the level of which with is the key: Floral skirt + watermelon red sweaters for the winter on the streets heat up a lot.

Blake Lee (Blake Lively) dress this body be called a model of warm winter equipment, a long section of black down jacket + Pants + Australia Luxe C ol lective white snow boots , in fact bottoming shirt choice can be more diverse of, a body bright white UGG, can serve as prime color “Gossip Girl” trend as~

Freaky Milan up to children (Miranda Kerr) with a simple jacket + long-barreled snow boots with the most IN a winter, red lips sexy silhouetted against the pink floral skirt .  However, the estimated winter road few dare to try out MM thigh, although the retention rates of 100%.

Blake Lee (Blake Lively) Street shot of the most photographed a pair of UGG is the new 2011 MOU home suede snow boots , cute design to wear like two Legging S of MM stop.

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