Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter coat + boots with a wave of pragmatism

REVIEW: winter clothing too many people are lazy to bother to think, with a seemingly more practical simple welcomed by everyone, big boots to find fault with the choice of good-looking legs of the MM, it had better choose the most basic wild boots, with the popular coat style! tide of pragmatism allows you to easily take a lot of Oh!

Thick with military style coat + boots
Military style equipment filled fashion circles for a long time, not only because tough feeling, wild and most important! of a single product can control the ease! in a long sweater simple style with , boots and bags echoed up and down, and replaced hot leather leggings will be more handsome! but to pay attention to sharp style leather pants are too many trivial if you join the original decoration will lose the advantage.  A fur coat decorated with particular attention to the choice of material! otherwise it will be greatly reduced!

Long cotton + in snow boots
Walking down the street inside the half in ten marching snow boots, select the multiple bound to its survival reason – comfortable, wild ! Slim black jeans and snow boots the same color match , a lot of thin, medium-and long khaki section padded shoulder bag design is very special, leopard handbag really eye-catching!

Fur coat + heavy-bottomed boots
Thick crust and metal buckle boots naked very like! smoke gray retro patterns take a long section of a simple match , the Korean Fan MM must love children! black fur vested with , definitely play it cool a large area of black, brown metal buckle retro bag bright spot to join!

Sweater jacket + motorcycle boots
The same black as the base with , denim shirts level mix , red peach heart long necklace is a good match! pattern sweater fleece cleverly echoes and motorcycle boots, sweaters and padded section is a popular point , green wool scarves decorated place! details of the particular important.

Long cotton + in retro lace boots
The main color is the trend now toward, cotton is no exception on rendering more colors, like ice cream to give a hint of fresh green light, hit the color with a sweater to go without any decorative embellishment, and color is the best Description! boots + leggings , stretch the legs curve!
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