Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Korea heiress wearing ride Style

This season, whether it’s knitted shirts, sweaters or small jackets, the key is to take off a sweet lady fan in the bleak winter day, breaks out with natural temperament of good mood as the United States.

Double breasted Barret MaxMara coats are very sweet and charming well dressed, elegant and comfortable relaxed version, rendering great stereoscopic effect, sporadic fashion atmosphere of Gentlewoman, let your elegant temperament and beauty of the sunshine, show show girl dreamed a sweet breath.

Mao Maoda Polo coat woolen cloth
Gives a clean, elegant feel fresh without publicity, low profile without losing trend, added Sue temperament of whatever will happen next. Atmosphere immediately greeted by the woman, Super attractive, there is a small charming sexy scent of a woman, each show excellent, let you enjoy the beauty of a high quality way.

Double breasted lapel MaxMara coats
Taste of a little cute and independent personality, this super popular style, super thin, matching jeans Super attractive, Oh, a very loose form factors, ultra thin a YY, girls don’t have to worry about her figure Oh.

Even the cloak of the CAP belt coat
Chao Fan Er full, easy mix, distribution of playful sweet taste, leisure or holiday shopping are all good choices, easy to match the popularity surge texture, elegant incarnation petty female image, Super Lady Oh.
Folding plush shoulder edge chiffon shirt
Simple design, the simple matching, can wear a fashion trend, then girl, what are you still hesitating, don’t miss, style of ultra-praise Oh, high-tech sense of Leopard, in is so nice.
Lotus Leaf mosaic skinny dress
Young and lively, distribution of sheer sense of vitality, easily match the popularity surge texture, elegant incarnation petty female image, Super Lady Oh, very elegant feeling, it’s really good, taste clothes women look, Oh.
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