Sunday, January 29, 2012

Women must not miss the New Year carnival purchase

New Year is approaching, people are used to purchase new clothes new shoes, meaning with a new spirit into the New year, new work, study, and life, down to earth on a new beginning. What style of dress that fashion can have a festive atmosphere?  Crush is very troubled by so many.  Let the new year for you to list a list of fashion, beauty make you worry and effort to wear clothes.

Cultivating cotton velvet leopard dots plus handsome Martin boots

Sexy leopard pattern, designs capable of long, warm hat and three-zip collar, left chest zipper children with great design sense, this section cotton, cultivating a warm balance.  Daphne Martin handsome boots, while maintaining cool comfort of the original Martin boots, based on the buckle design is very fashionable oh.

Long wool jacket lapel exquisite little big boots

Big wool coat lapel and long sections down, thin warm, charge down the thick, upper body retro, the belt line up and feel more self-cultivation, Daphne full leather high-heeled boots, pants can make fine lines.

Long cotton uniform wind lamb plus nude black boots with slope

Liner can be removed, a little heat when you can take off once inside the coat to wear when, necessary for a fall coat.  When the winter cold can be fitted with plush interior, dual zipper + bronze metal buckle design, large pockets, full uniform wind.  Daphne slope with bare boots, ankle fur, both warm and add a lovely flavor.

Korean version of the Slim plaid shirt Gapi quality small boots

Plaid shirts and rare pro who must feel it, inside out plaid shirt with plush velvet lining, the feeling of absolute winter Oh, the lamb’s wool clothing is very comfortable inside, oh.  Then with a pair of small boots Daphne texture, crisp yet charming women.

Sweet strawberry cultivation hedging sweater plus lace high-heeled boots

Cute strawberry print, hedging models, clothes on a small long-haired.  With sweet retro dress or clean solid color leggings can be!  Good control of a sweater. Daphne lace-heeled boots, sexy reveals sweet, like the sweet style of MM do not miss it!
So many beautiful coat and winter boots, Which is your food?  New Year is approaching, MM also so what, fast for their own wardrobe to “shake” strategy!

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