Monday, February 13, 2012

The actress HuoSiYan early spring mix and match the remarkable fashion skill

Introduction: With film “Eat Drink Man Woman: Well far sound nearly finalists at the Berlin Film Festival, and the first by the Berlin official invitation to attend the opening ceremonies to be held on February 9, Chinese actress HuoSiYan recently invited to a fashionmagazine photo shoot in early spring street to shoot large, large play a bold hit of color, pleasing, apart from filling the color mix and match the impressive skill.

Turns warm again in early spring, fashion ICON HuoSiYan with lightweight materials and vibrant colors awaken by heavy winter clothing to cover the body of the season. Tulle, scleroderma, fringed, orange, fluorescent green, light blue, these seemingly irrelevant elements and color HuoSiYan who mix and match to show, like the performing arts through the clutter and move forward the road, the dressing must also won in the style of collision wonderful.

Took off his black suit is interesting full mix and match, so to master the balance point in the match, to get rid of too much in the crazy mix.Feminine experience in the packet of velvet fringed, must be won in the style of collision wonderful.

Tulle and leather stitching with the same thin colorful print shirt, a new trend to mix and match the spirit to create a bandage bow sandals is the crowning touch.The roots but also stylish with a toy lion.

Split silk dress not only the exclusive cocktail party, casual stitching leather to catch a long paragraph to catch the fluorescent color handbag, ready to go, do not forget to match the pointed shoes.

Pictured: the HuoSiYan red carpet stunning bloom the the Fanghua President praised its on behalf of the Eastern United States

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