Monday, February 27, 2012

Aspirations to the Oscar’s top ten naked women

Kate Winslet, Kate Winslet in 1997, “Jude the Obscure” will be bold strip to win the favor of the Hollywood film, even the first time took a role in the disaster epic “Titanic” and continue to audiences around the world to expose the full body. Later on, the “quill” smoke “as a parent” and other films, Kate Winslet, as always, frontal nudity, the final by virtue of “The Reader” nude to win the title.

Gwyneth Paltrow, “Shakespeare in Love” in 1998, Hollywood intellectual actress Gwyneth Paltrow, even interpretation of bare passion play.  Just as people were buzzing about Gwyneth virtue of this film, beating the loud cries of Cate Blanchett won the 71st Academy Award for Best Actress Award, from Long Deng Hollywood leading actress ranks.

Halle Berry 99 Halle Berry starred in the “roots of blood and tears”, the truth and moving performances in Halle, and a bold nude scene, she won the 57th Annual Golden Globe Awards and 52 Emmy TV movie Best Actress Award.  Halle Berry tasted the sweetness, to continue in “Swordfish” and other films rely on bare out of place, and with the passion of the “death dance” Sex, successful 74th Academy Award for Best Actress, Berlin Film Festival actress!

Jodie Foster Jodie Foster once in childhood will be a guest in “Taxi Driver”, after graduating from college, she took the initiative to attack, or even the same as the new audition. “Violent robbery pear” when she auditioned to play four scene after that, of course, this ethical themes of rape, nudity is essential to eventually become a Judy won the first Oscar in the life – - Actress!

Charlie Adams Theron Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron’s early acting slightly immature to rely on the scale of beauty as well as breakthrough to show themselves, so Theron breasts Banlu a big show of slender legs, and even in the “Devil’s Advocate “naked on stage.  Of course, her bare white did not waste a “Monster” Theron aspirations Laureate Oscar winner.

 Vichy, Vichy, Rachel, Rachel, exposed to the director  odd “Stealing Beauty,” gradually began to Fair head angle, and then in the “siege” mummy “to make the audience familiar, but not willing to vase of Rachel, to follow the example of many female Oscar predecessors, nude interpretation of “The Constant Gardener”, easily won the Oscar for best supporting actress.

The  Reese Witherspoon after his debut, sweet teen idol image has been seen by others, and frequent access comedy romance, a smooth upper.  Of course, Hollywood actress does not go very little, Witherspoon could not bear the lure of money in the “dawn” bold and bare.  Many years later, Reese Witherspoon aspirations by virtue of the “song counterparts Oscar, I am afraid that the fans have forgotten her nude scene.

With bold and bare, Nicole Kidman scared Su 1989 film “over the horizon” Nicole Kidman, won the attention of the American cinema.  After she became Mrs. Tom Cruise, her husband was kind enough to co-star of the Erotic “eye-opener”, so the feast for the eyes of fans around the world. In 1999, Nicole nude in the UK starring drama “Blue Room”, creating a sensation. 2 “The Hours” Oscar in 2002, becoming both the idol beauty and strength of the first line of the camp acting actress.

Angelina Julian  to join the interpretation of the circle after 98 years with a brilliant performance in “The Storm Riders Legends”, a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.  1999, nude Jolie starred in HBO’s “Gia”, a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. 2000年, In 2000, Julie, with superb performance in “Girl, Interrupted” Oscar for best supporting actress.  Since Angelina Zhu Liqing cloud, Long Deng Hollywood line star position.

Despite Helen Mirren  over the age of 62 years, is still confident installed apparition burst milk, However, this confidence alone is not the from a “queen” in the Oscar-winning actress, Mirren is so far a total of sold 62 works, she was a full off star was born.  Burst milk, is three full disclosure bold scenes Oh. Whether it is a nude model, or a neurotic young woman, her vivid interpretation.

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