Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coat + dress 2 with warm significantly tender

Introduction: Valentine’s Day had finished, the footsteps of spring is getting closer, but now the temperature is still maintained at below zero, the spring only in the United States and the United States lying in the closet to sleep, it can not be reconciled some ah!  In fact, as long as a winter coat, such as coats, cotton, jacket coupled with a spring dress, you can beautiful and warm through this somewhat embarrassing Rose!  Today to bring the Korean brand Cherrykoko latest spring following with Xiaobian to see how tender they match it!

Orange skirt with a cute little hem, very lovable, spring, large lapel double-breasted trench coat is appropriate to wear with a pair of boots , sexy and cute.

The weekend party dating casual with a large plaid dress and a loose knit cardigan , with knights boots, great to relax.

A waist bat sleeve dress , elegant, yet sweet, very suitable for office OL Oh, with a suit jacket and high heels , very refreshing able.

Blue Floral Dress a little retro flavor, coupled with a pink cardigan, an increase of a bit sweet, and very suitable for Uh.

Black polka dot chiffon dress with light purple knit cardigan , very suitable for wearing in this spring season, a pair of casual shoes, more playful, cute.

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