Thursday, February 2, 2012

Distributed fashion charm wild leopard

REVIEW: Leopard the most In, not out of fashion when the stage, it exudes the charm of the wild, can instantly conquer trend.  Find your most genuine side, and tap the potential of your temperament it.  Winter and hot in Leopard, as the influx of woman you have to prepare a set of oh.

Unique Puma sweater , like cosplay play the game, what style of dress more than a leopard COS gas field? grotesque cut line, his best childhood, interesting creative tricks, cute flavor.  Even with a unique cap design is very personalized, upgraded the stylish dress, style lifestyle.

The body from head to toe in the fall and winter come, “black” in the season, this leopard single product specially selected combination of a variety of leopard fabric stitching, make your whole body Look acclaimed.  Halter-like into a shoulder-style ultra- dress , more easily create the charm of the magnetic field lines are more self super feminine cents struck , plus the animal’s taste, who can be a low crotch?

That the streets are tired of the long section does breasted coat it? better to choose a gorgeous leopard stylish jacket . Suit to fight hair style pointed collar wool coat, giving themselves a sense of vision, leopard print is cool you look hot and stylish, charming.

Streamline the atmosphere powder black leopard fight skin suits , fashionable but not exaggerated.  British Gas is pressing the Slim version of model, fit the three-dimensional, in contrast, single button closure, stylish atmosphere.  Unique black leather stitching hem, and in the tall pink leopard color, even more handsome.

Lace and leather stitching leopard coat , full of noble and beautiful feeling, very suitable for clean MILF Oh.  The waist lace design, but also showing your slender figure.  With a simple self little black dress in elegant fashion at the same time, full of wild sexy charm.

Domineering Leopard artificial fur coat , very style sense, and self-cultivation feet pants with sexy mixed with straightforward simple temperament.  Hot and then catch one pair of ankle boots , you will instantly become the most attractive of the trend of street people.

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