Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dress minimalist trend of solid color with a fashion fight gas field

Introduction: The cocoon coat for winter epidemic began last year, step-by-step fashion design according to the minimalist trend even move, simple and clear lines, a single tone, seemingly insignificant series of single products spliced ​​to the body, it becomes a gas expression of the theme from the High Street of Matou proceed to cut, take a look at minimalist how the expression of atmospheric field solid color how you golf everyday civilians to wear take a look at here!

Black and white classic has never been beyond the black basic models primer + white T- shirt , do not rule with dress pants , a Slim black cowboy enough to express your handsome woolen long suit type with a black metal buckle boots will only make your gas field upgrade, the girl must have a certain personality, fascinated Oh

This is a dress will be High Street, some of the white letters Tee do the basement with a gray knit cardigan and the same color leggings echoed up and down, cocoon jackets and dark blue knit cap pulls out of the child, so a sense of leisure to deepen a lot of deep an appropriate mix of brown boots and nude- colored fur handbags.  If you change the black will make the overall too depressed!

 Basic models of white thread, knitting , do not have to self-cultivation, tie in a woolen skirt , the color distinction between the manufacture of illusion, material spliced ​​retro jacket with mix and match of the Korea Fan children’s street outfit, small woman can wear tide range of children.  Hand bag with a very easy way out.

 Pandemic in the skirt , bare-color round neck loose knitted inside the bar inside the iron-gray skirt, the same material visually unified blocks of color to distinguish between a clear but very harmonious, comfortable with bare-color flat shoes , handbags a little too too neutral.

The basic models white shirt + fluorescent orange solid color sweater, dark blue Slim jeans simple with South Korea MM this year, particularly prefer sports shoes with handbags, like pick-up, street + cute, gas field, do not lose others.

 Really a lot of dazzling colors, suitable to choose the appropriate Plaid shirt selection of the Rose Red as a substrate, said the very fair-skinned, fluorescent green cardigan Knit level to do with pantyhose cowboy With the design of the front of the lines visually have the effect of elongated legs curve, hats to force it!

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