Monday, February 20, 2012

Early spring with sex lazy wind skirt Banmei Raiders

Introduction: the skirt slowly floating to the wardrobe, the more of a bar placed in the front row, the arrival of spring wake up with Qunqun mind, lazy style fried hot, and Hee-sun how his beautiful !

Tie in striped skirt retro heavy needle and knit sweaters , woolen material and sweaters hit with absolute not disorder, scarlet leggings small collision echoes up and down the shoes and the sweater, jacket with a minimalist cut suitable for all occasion of the wild !

 Complex weathering is prevalent, but lovely the Qunqun in, so wear the boots of a certain sweet it: portrait white Tee, + a matte finish sweater cardigan, rivets cool with , whether it is travel or go to school and family are all too, but right clever .

Geometric patterns broken spell dress is not fancy but definitely not low-key, must be simply too much MM Leggings + snow boots , why not add a long pile socks to be level with , bags, and snow boots echoing up and down! really beautiful!

Plaid Dress greatly skirt, high waist design will make the whole more upright, legs curve elongated, if the weather is a bit cold may wish to add a solid color sweater as outside the ride, the cap was a praise!

 Dress of chiffon and wool stitching , colors, wild , style is also more retro ! joined the fur decorative collar denim jacket and snow boots symmetry, Han Fan children with it is worth learning.

A sweet Oh! retro collar domesticated hen sweaters more room for imagination and chiffon skirt with gentle lazy, ear-piercing bow flat add more elements of ladies , red hat highlights lovely.

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