Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preference for motorcycle leather to break the quiet actress play the handsome Rock

REVIEW: I saw a lot of stars out to the streets, dressed in motorcycle leather is not difficult to find great actress who love casual outfit is the general direction of European and American high street, a pair of jeans + a fur coat can get together how to wear it out to see Star Street, summed up the Street Raiders, allowed itself to the gas field high street up!

Dress with
Demonstration star : Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
Huge popularity of high pastoral princess Taylor dress , as always, a small range of children a woman, even with a tough motorcycle leather, or sections from the Pr incess, Cat’s lovely dress covered with patterns, chiffon soft material and locomotives collision leather, black retro oxford shoes are in line with her ​​country singer’s vintage qualities.

Demonstration models: Frida Gustavsson
Frida’s a small bright yellow fairy dress enough to firmly grasp the eye, the other black decorative enough, machine wagon coat metal rivets and metal hardware handbags echoed up and down, you can clean a whole, praising!

Pants with
Demonstration star : Milan can reach children (Miranda Kerr)
Hot mom with a dress in the fashion circle , but a subtle, warm and thick leather motorcycle must also increase the number of degrees, capable of self-cultivation within the take-Morgan in jeans , the animal pattern scarf mix and match , immediately emphasize their great legs! how fat did not hold his own son, too!

Demonstration Model: Karlie Kloss
The same with the pants , the basic models of pure black sweater + dark blue jeans , checkered stamping machine wagon jacket and the tube cool boots must be perfect match, and lotus bags into the ride, it is worth learning the basic mix , wear out of the gas field that is big!

Level with
International model demonstration
Each got leather will find ways to short to dress , look at the effect level with out it! basic T-shirt bottoming -Morgan in the cultivation jeans , the belt and the overall echo, coffee color irregular collar sweater + nude colored lapel motorcycle leather, the same color to the blank breast scarves made additional.

International model demonstration
Shirt of course, is level with the best choice, red and black checkered the shirt with a smoke gray Long Knit , adding levels of motorcycle leather , handsome absolutely unabated! felt the hat added more vintage feel, with a big bag of is a perfect match.

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