Monday, February 6, 2012

South Korea MM early spring retro trilogy

Introduction: The continuous hot retro hot suffer how to match is the most painful moral spring after the Spring Festival far the intersection of the season to prepare a single product to be retro, not a great thing, the rest of the things on the cross to South Korea, little girls, to see if they add what kind of fashion?
Retro : suit with
Shirts + retro sweater , with a basic color, select a comfortable gray, black leggings is bound to a matte finish jacket is the focus of vintage bags are like oh!

South Korea MM to retro and sporty mixed together, and also a great mix ! student gas at the same time fashion degree plus: the red sweater -level with a smoke gray T-shirt backing , white Slim pants clean and join the same color high-top athletic shoes very comfortable Oh! long suit in black type.

Retro Part II: The sweater
The long paragraph in the black T-shirt base , level with the dark coffee color retro sweater, Slim jeans lengthen the leg curve, retro oxford shoes the Waichuan of socks with the overall highlight of the hat of the head plus a lot of sexy feel inside.

Animal pattern of a single product is hot ing chiffon long shirt + leopard sweater , soft toilet paper with a wild pattern, knocked spark is also great! waist decoration will shrink the sweater bloated sense, small tassels retro pointed shoes are very pretty.

Retro Part III: skirt with
Wool, knit skirts in South Korea MM but baby! wild choice, a lot of street shooting, see: smoke gray knit skirts + loose black sweater , black base and a sweater line echoes, with a clean sports shoes , style, mix and match the hat is to enhance the overall highlights.

One-piece dresses with the best, but lazy , as long as a simple black base and appropriate shoes like pointy retro collar is very eye-catching it!

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