Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This winter skirt first

Introduction: can not say fat, but partial slightly fleshy sense, it puts you in with “strong” Zhanre the relationship. Winter in the days of the eyeful dark pants, the hearts of rebellious make you strong pants say NO!  But faced with the charming dresses you have no confidence … winter dresses hit Sweet!Honey girl still hesitant?

Confident on your crotch! To know this “solid radian” is absolutely not afford to support this Baoshen skirt.  Like tulip flowers , like Hanbaoyufang of course, is the “curve” to win!  Lotus leaf lace embellished skirt waist set off more see slim Oh! Match knitting sweaters or shirts are very Nice,

Knitted material skirts are still popular in the autumn and winter.  The soft texture to match the retro colors really wild so popular these days.  Striped T-shirt + fur vest , leisure and revealed a small woman of taste. Knee length is just to block the hips, wonderful natural left under the upper body.

Like MM bunt dress, mini skirt, but winter essential.  If you want to wear the tall, petite, optional short coat with it will not top-heavy suede collar confused part of the realization, to expose the natural sense of giving tall thin legs.

pants to match the skirts remodeling the new pattern, all the rage this winter.  Never worry about the crude thigh embarrassment.  The skirt, pants, one style to help you care a little.  Will not allow the good to wear the cloak can not find a download with .  Reduce the heavy cape coat complex sense.

Do not like the waist limitations do not complex level, like the feeling of a simple mix and match freely. To avoid the small pot is not a fault! Relaxed length and width of the T-shirt in winter, when the dress .  Match knit jacket can go outside. Suggested length is quite not have the cumbersome feeling.

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