Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine’s Day dress outcome of five tide Let Love warming

Introduction: accompanied by the cooling weather ushered in 2012 the most romantic holiday – Valentine’s Day.  Today’s dating days you want to what to wear? Both men and women, but do not need to consider if you single, 2.14 is a charming day dress outcome of the Valentine’s Day, exposure 5 tide point, let love “warming” warm you his heart.

Kate Potts Voss, ( Kate Bosworth)
Photogenic locations: California, USA
Tide points NO.1: British coat + chiffon pleated skirt
Good skills : simple single product with American style。 Look, Kate Potts Voss (Kate Bosworth), street shooting, has been praised by the influx of people. Different classic American style, with the most simple of a single product with good integration into the European Chic style.  Retro coat exudes a thick London accent, mix and match fresh soft silk pleated skirt walking in the wind is already full of feminine.

Street beat fashion Daren
On the mirror sites: Nanluoguxiang
Tide NO.2: leather jacket + stripes wave point elements
Good skills : easy to Dachu young artists taste
Do not always think you should have no fashionable dress up, inadvertently mention encounter Valentine’s Day “celebrate” the day.  In Beijing Sanlitun find “foreign” taste sister in Xidan, you find the Korean Fan children small little girls, in fact, more in Nanluoguxiang small group of literary youth Oh.  Not deliberately engraved any trend, wear clothing with self-taste. No obvious short paragraph small leather Mao ingots, not tough locomotive unusual wind, simple child. Ride within the black and white striped T-shirt , then the basis, however, stepped Martin boots, wear clothing style is not so hard Oh!

Capture the Italian romantic couple
On the mirror site: Museum of Fine Arts
Tide point NO.3: use of color to create soft tones
Valentine’s Day is not only belongs to you and the BF between husband and wife romance Oh! Special day, we must carefully dressed .  Make good use of color is definitely not you want to hit color, bright look fancy! Often the use of color is to cater to one kind of tone. Camel-based colors, interspersed with deep plum, violets, Champlain, a slight color ring distance is to create a high-end have to make sure.  Warm scene how can fall and his heart have? ”

Lucy Hale & Chris Zylka
Photogenic locations: Las Vegas
Tide point NO.4: American BOY mix and match
Chris Zylka 2011 Las Vegas vacation after the end of the year to open new girlfriend Lucy Hale, followed by two sweet according to jump fire.  The young couple is always a sweet time, hand in hand bold to tell everyone that you are my beloved.  But if you both wear really not in tune with it not too unpleasant.  Chris Zylka very, smart, from start to finish, boy dress, mix and match casual maintaining the status quo. Canvas shoes , jeans stacked layers to wear T- shirts .More natural how natural is the last word!

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