Thursday, March 1, 2012

5 match the new rule, fat girl dealing with thick legs no pressure

Introduction: spring sunshine passionate, even if the temperature ups and downs but the girls on spring heat again and again heating up Oh!  Shirt, skirt, stockings … Western style single product how to escape the curse of the thick legs?  Help the girl to raise the five major “strange” trick, chubby girl back beautiful, thick legs, no pressure .

Clothing to help the girl, with a keen fashion sense typical are women, regardless of classic black and white ash or the trend of red, green and purple, so that women look stylish Fun classic is my motto.

Found that your proposed mix of good Oh! very envious.  I would like you to help me and my height 164CM, weight 58KG, waist obvious, thick thighs and buttocks.  Does not match the clothes , and hope you will give me some suggestions, let me back confidence.
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Fashion to help the girl “nagging”:
the girl always love the scintillating colors of a single product, we must remember that not all of your favorite things on weekdays with the use of The needs of the occasion, the body to meet is the dress with a key consideration!
Under the preceding paragraph of harem pants, narrow profile shape hips and thighs can help weaken the visual crawl degrees. 2012 spring models will add the harem pants waist design, improve the waistline but also lines of elongated legs, with flower and bird designs shirts, retro stylish step!

“Strange” rule. Long coat to evade the thigh, the thickest point of view
Fashion to help the girl nagging: thick legs, sister, do not ignore the thigh in a side angle “amazing scene”.  Thick thighs really amazing your sturdy, this time to create varying lengths layering is not as good ideas.
Mint Long sweaters with water pink leggings with color fresh and elegant, light tan long coat just layering and weaken the sense of thigh contour, while the dazzling jewelry accessories vigor impaired eye is also a good tool!

“Strange” rule. Optimize the proportion of color stitching

Fashion to help the girl nagging carried splicing: emphasis on color sense at the same time serve to optimize the proportion of body.  But not emphasized the color is ignored tone.  Blindly in contrasting colors, pure color will only make you look better on the grade Oh!
The eye-catching orange pleated skirt with dark blue dark checkered shirt , upper body and lower body color stitching optimized.  Light beige jacket look to improve the transparency of clear layering. Child with bags of retro shoes without losing the warm child in order to meet this retro nostalgia .

“Strange” Rule 5. printing to be counted on

Fashion to help the girl nagging: pastoral floral or freehand printing, and rich decorative sense is better to be counted on the meter. Printing pre-emptive control of the color as much as possible to avoid eye-catching bright colors.

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