Friday, March 30, 2012

April to wear what kind of jeans is the most tide?

Introduction: Speaking of the most wild pants, and that the non-jeans is none other than the  Whether you’re from out of the closet, dress shirts, casual jackets, T-shirts, romantic chiffon shirt, can be simply asked by mixing the flavor.

Black, dark blue Slim jeans most thin, but also the most easily with a single product, but also not easy to become obsolete.  Victoria Beckham, January Jones, Jessica Alba, wearing dark jeans J of Bra nd. Few quarters, most tide color you found? Attractive color models.  Or, do you still like with the spirit of the cowboy, that tie-dye, bleach and the hole in jeans , will be able to wear out your character. The traditional color of jeans, with cool neutral or rough with the boots more suitable for a lot of stars wear Isabel Marant boots. Ice cream color of the jeans, usually with a feminine high heels or Shunv Xie , and the role of the United States and the United States. With the view of the stars of April how to wear jeans to dress!

Black tight-fitting models
January Jones, Black J of Bra nd tight jeans , with black low-heeled boots, cool awkward in the end!

Indigo speaker models
Victoria Be the ck ham often wear J of Bra nd jeans, jeans very significant leg length of this horn.

Color jeans
Jessica Alba paint red Kate Spade tight denim pants with black boots, fashionable sunglasses.  Showed a good mood, warm people around.

Washed blue horn section
Look, Book horn jeans , with a simple white suspenders just do not forget to be accompanied by the echoes of retro scarf.

Classic blue tight-fitting models
Mother Denim high waist denim pants out and Miranda Kerr, a simple white shirt with a comfortable and with perfect lines , coupled with the Rag & Bone hat, Isabel Marant boots , the overall shape quite a prize!

Indigo legging s payments
Envy Miranda’s legs makes you want to talk to her legs, like slender? It would wear Nobody Denim tight jeans, boots with higher lacing crude , matched with a dark red bag, the more handsome .

Bleached jeans
Pierre Balmain bleached jeans, trouser legs with a zipper, particularly suitable for thin girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear.  With the rough with the boots, red motorcycle jacket is the most stylish.

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