Friday, March 23, 2012

Clever take loose denim jacket to cover the meat Slim street Fan

Introduction: red denim jacket burst this spring, so the cowboy was a bit busy, if you are a “die-hard Cowboys fans”, then you can not miss the denim jacket, do not pick the body color, as long as you like, with sportswear Ye Hao dresses worth mentioning or leisure, or wild, sexy, fascinating and charming.

The denim jacket in addition to sports and leisure style , which take a single product can shape a different shape.  This denim short jacket mashups Polka Dot dress is particularly sweet, with a coat of light blue and bright yellow socks , and campus wind innocent feeling.

England star out to the streets of the range of children’s wear, suitable for tall MM.  Take the high- waist light-colored denim jacket , gray dress long paragraph Tee waist position, good figure even more prominent.  With one pair of ankle boots further increase the temperament of the handsome street art in England .

Boyfriend wind loose denim jacket covered with a MM build on the many defects, such as unsightly thigh and waist fat, with a simple T-shirt + high waist pants , is particularly handsome, uninhibited street artists personalized!

For denim jacket , motorcycle girl should be more biased in favor of light gray and white style , rather than the traditional tannins blue. The fur collar detail is the biggest bright spot, black and white graffiti printing to create a rock -type female temperament, feet pointed high-heeled shoes, very stylish atmosphere.

The old mill washing waist denim jacket dress Mix handsome cowboy Boy distributing the aristocratic atmosphere of the pencil Slim , elegant and gentle and tough uninhibited collision, changing a distinctive sense of fun.  Leopard handbag star effect, suitable for play mature youth chick.

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