Monday, March 19, 2012

Essential shirt in spring, actresses teach you how to wear out star flair

Seeing the footsteps of spring is getting closer, is the time to sort out their own wardrobe. The shirts are essential in every spring a single product, whether you want to go to Europe and the United States wind, the Japanese OL wind or small fresh wind, and think about without it. Here come take a look at the female stars who showed off what the new shirt, maybe which will be your favorite!

Yang Mi white shirt perspective section this year is still very popular, especially because the rivet on the collar , have been random and simple style to add a little personality.

AngelaBaby and fans celebrate her birthday, also chose a simple white shirt , she looks more affinity. Matching with the white pants , the whole set looks very cool dynamic.

Zhao Wei This white shirt is also very casual, open neckline a bit small sexy perspective design reverie, but the color bead necklace on the neck is a bit dissonant, seem cumbersome.

Chrissie white shirt makes it so special is natural black lapel, very retro temperament, and quite wild, it is worth to start a single product.

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