Friday, March 2, 2012

Lim YoonA leads the korean women’s fashion trend in spring

Introduction: From the New Year holidays to a busy working day, a variety suited to hit all, let alone you look well, the waist is getting rough, not to mention that “year” wording.  Have to admit that The girl one year older. Popularity is booming girlhood, Lin Yun children pointing, South Korea’s first pure beauty of dressing, to allow the spring to get rid of to show their age group!

The nine members of the Korean combination of girlhood all sing and dance vigorously sought after by 90.  Lin Yun children as the main lead dancer, the more pure side to win the fan favorite.  New Year in addition to the joy of the New Year, do not forget your age again silently growth.  To keep pace with the the girlhood forest allow children to explore South Korea MM pretending tricks.

Retro beret + antique coat
The first wave of spring has been quietly up prominently, as if the season is urgent.  Korean brands are also inject fresh style. In addition to the star style, you can still engraved Oh! allow children of retro styling to go enough to representatives of Famous photographed. 。 Now the streets of Seoul, nostalgic coat match the color leggings swagger incredibly.  Match Dayan Mao complex Gubei Lei cap.The sense of style reveals a stylish vigor.

Ladies shirts + skirts
The spring can not leave the shirts, the choice of shirt style, you may fancy checkered, retro wave and even the fabrics are to play a decisive role. This season to search for the Korean brand clothing , silk fabric is thin, not only emphasized the new style, Korean clothing also gradually pay attention to the fabric cutting.  Collar dotted with sequins decorated neckline increase in curvature, minor changes will make the girl look very sweet.  With Slim skirts, flounced skirt charming lovely.

Mao Mao T-shirt + a solid color leggings
Fire one winter to the hairy coat , winter to spring with fluffy feel, plush material is applied on the T-shirt, not just inside the ride can also act as a coat to wear Oh! pink color, match the solid color base pants, self-cultivation but also focus on the proportion of the strength.  Lively and pure girls temperament wells.

Modern T-shirt + high waist skirts
Cross loaded the pattern of modern T-shirt received after the avant-garde 90′s favorite.  Do not always pass in the closet years T-shirt round and round! Now that the season is necessary to wear clothing with new ideas.  The eye-catching violet windbreaker jacket index hundred percent, lips T-shirt, blue and white Polka Dot waist skirt inside the ride , the young girls mix and match styles, bold attempt it!

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