Sunday, March 11, 2012

OL spring planning fashionable play pretty to pay tribute to the 3.8

March 8th will mark the festival of the women themselves. Whether you are beautiful or not, but has nothing to do with the mind is good or bad, for you women proud! Elaborate dress to make you confident, face new challenges. The glamorous actress Street, tailored the OL spring planning, printing, lace, stitching stylish to pay tribute to 3.8.

The work of the day a woman will never give up the right dress . Is the case this season to wear clothing in March and early spring atmosphere. Printed nine colorful pants , with a dark suit coat , clear layer filling the female generous temperament. Try inside the ride rigid shirt replaced by fluorescent T-shirts and lively atmosphere make you even more dynamic!

Particularly pay attention to waist ratio in 2012! How can we show your waistline, full curve beautiful natural allure. High waist denim pants retro resurgence with a sleeveless shirt + jacket , young girl dress make you fresh full!

Orange to become another wave of points in the spring and summer. Enough Bright enough to suck the eye, another magic weapon for OL women realized femininity. Recommended shoes with satin material 1950s retro flavor you become fashionable the ICON!

The tall figure is every girl’s dream, in the work of women want to show the outspoken capable. The wide leg pants to become one of the best single product , with a lotus leaf collar shirt feminine qualities into more feminine.

To create Vintage styling, not only sought after street shooting tide can still find in OL dress.Double-breasted jacket dissemination of ancient taste, put on pretty eyes red do not have a crossing fashion vigor. The choice of wood with the fish head shoes is definitely the perfect match!

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