Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shawl in the ancient age

Wearing a diamond necklace portrait painting famous paintings of the most central, is a gorgeous shawl. Cape from the long, wide coat, shoulder consists of two Two pins fixed times now, each period is a woman of love. Let us be traced back to the 17th century look back at the history of the shawl.We talked about from the portrait wearing a diamond necklace, the painting is the creation of the famous painter Ingres 1805, the most central in the painting, a Chinese Korea’s shawl.

Let us begin, this time we traced back to the ancient era, in that period, the shawl is long, wide coat, shoulder fixed by two pins. In the chest and hip, respectively, two belts tied, this is the classic style of the Greek and Roman women. Aaron and Babylon, it has been started using the color of the rectangle, and the clothes with simple shawls, and scarves, is somewhat similar, of course, people also used this rectangular shawl Spiral with wrapped the body in order to achieve the effect of covering the body. Men think that the more advanced shawl with tassels or a variety of decorations.Gold precious stones in white silk above: This is the Byzantine monarch’s cape. Senior government officials with the sun in the 17th century during the reign A large black or red brocade shawl.

Since the twentieth century, the shawl evolved into former length and width rectangular fur, these fur shawl is usually indispensable to the dinner, shoulder coverings, were able to show the elegance of Ms.right. Even in religious clothing, shawls priest solemn part of the dress, embroidered with three cross fabric straps priest surround around the neck, the same bishop of the shoulder strap can optionally take to hang in any part of the body. Woman is wrapped in shawls.

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