Sunday, March 25, 2012

Significant fresh early spring fashion retro windbreaker

Introduction: the spring is beautiful, the sun is as gentle as possible, but this season the wind is not a good mother to provoke the call of the typhoon season are bound to notice to the coat closet in the spring of this year is to come up with things by the book windbreaker. or Amoy favorite retro small coat to dress themselves?

Qingming small holiday in front of, and plans are well? An appropriate coat is bound to travel essential, Black Tee, + hot pants , simple random, yellow frock complex archaic clothing with a casual , simple diagonal packet one that is, fully.

This season seems to have become all the gentle touch of Matcha must be the favorite of the girls, retro shirt + cannabis knit waist pale jeans, thin key style and color of the coat , Xiao Bian love, shoes echoes and overall, do not forget the details!

Retro loose waist denim shorts recently the general trend ah! the mashup God the horse are to force, Xiao Bian like the feeling of comfort within the base of the yellow simple Tee bar can be retro, dark blue loose coat simple with this The season is free to lazy.

Again a bright yellow pants Slim, mixed colors shoes like oh! hat green windbreaker small hit color, small shoulder bag to a lot of retro flavor.

Splicing blocks of color, materials are to play a special play popular elements, blue + white with milk splicing into the texture of different materials, very different kind of feeling Oh! hats and frame are to enhance the fashion degree.

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