Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring album – a super charm of the cowboy “toxic”

Introduction: Since its introduction, the Cowboys would have never been subjected to cold.  Maybe the Cowboys really toxic, as long as the pass through are addictive.  To see the street shooting star celebrity endorsements, denim is sexy figure the best spokesman.

Luo girlfriend naked upper body sexy endorsement of a brand denim , whether trousers or shorts are too hot then.  (This article is reproduced from Netease)

Lindsay Lohan is a denim brand endorsements, the more charming sexy long legs in denim shorts off .

Lindsay Lohan denim trousers endorsement, ah hot pants than Niuzai less youth become more promise charming.

Japanese denim brand Moussy endorsement by Abbey Lee Kershaw, strap jeans is her interpretation of the playful, there is dust woman EXILE.

            Rihanna cowboy new term endorsement of days later.

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