Sunday, May 27, 2012

Actress demonstration summer Skirt sexy or cute are OK

Introduction: right knee length, with high heels or flat shoes can easily convert between sexy and cute with ease, this season’s Skirt was also endowed with rich colors and imaginative designs. “your wardrobe update!

Enthusiasm for printing

Star Model: Taylor Swift

The design around the neck sexy Skirt also look cute together, warm tone for the common prints have a sexy.

Retro melody

Star Model: Chloe Moretz

Close to the body line Skirt sexy and full of vivid vivid prints complemented by a chic fold, not only detract from its own texture, but also highlights the chic and elegant manner.

Lace stitching

Star Model: Emma Roberts

At the same time both sexy and pure taste of lace this time become half cooked the best girl embellishment revealed catches the imagination of the mysterious atmosphere of the black tone is also invisible.

Oblique design, flouncing

Star Model: Alexa Chung

The design of the oblique is not only exposed just to the beauty of the way small sexy , more layered flounced effect to create innocent girls taste, material mix and match the shape of Skirt adds more to see sex.

Beauty folds

Star Model: Krysten Ritter

MM’s best choice of the narrow shoulder of the flat chest , wrinkled texture to bring out a certain arc, and the handling of the shoulder, knee length to create a slim consistent tender body type.

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