Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do not love the dress love pants to create the early summer finished legs type

Introduction: is the case in early summer, perhaps the leg there is little fat on the MM is still confused how to lose weight. The Xiaobian brings you visual match was thin rule, lets you easily create finished legs type Raiders trousers articles.

Leg lines are not perfect, do not worry, straight jeans drape texture can be visually very good play was thin, but also can cover you slightly fuller hips and thighs, upper body can mix and match shirt or T-shirt can be. Now showing perfect lines!

Feet of stovepipe pants, and may stout leg of the MM will stop looking really no need to worry about, as long as the upper body under the furnishings of shirt can match with the hem of the design of the upper body can cover your hips and thighs fleshy slimmer and visually.

High waist shorts stretch the leg line and make your legs even more slender, and a lot of MM will feel light-colored clothing and body slightly fat, but do not have to worry about with the right mix , summer, bright colors will make people feel more gentle pleasant. The design of the high waist dress pants chiffon texture drape full upper body with a lace design makes it easy to get to concentrate in the upper body, favorable to cover the pants leg slightly thick MM.

Waist in shorts , that the long style design will be more favorable to cover the thighs, rest assured that bold dress, waist design visually stretching the legs, even though you do not say the legs the MM, but this shorts will let you legs more perfect type; must match the shoes of the same bright colors, because it will more slender legs.

Pants + Department of nude color shoes feet , finished legs type, small series is strongly recommended that the password magic weapon, nude color sandals with pants or skirt , will stretch the leg line and nude color closer to the color can be effective stretch size, so if the body is not perfect MM do not have to worry about, with a nude color sandals, can make you more perfect!

MM like white shorts must pay attention to upper body must be slightly loose sense of design shirt to match , because the white may be on the body type of the request would be more demanding, but with a loose sense of the full T-shirt , make your vision even more slender.

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