Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese clothing with a Fun Summer fresh

Introduction: Japanese clothing, very small fresh features, so loved by many young girls.  The summer of 2012, popular style? The Xiaobian Next, you recommended several Japanese clothing summer with.

Solid color shirt , together with a simple cardigan jacket , with natural wind without affectation, comfortable and simple.
Source: beautiful network

A m very beautiful white dress , the neckline beautifully embroidered pattern for a skirt to add a a Jisi gorgeous feeling.

A mix of popular elements of the lace and rivet not surprised? sweet in the cool feeling, piercing personality of their own.

Very big wind silk shirt , pants with a casual, established significant gas field.  The bag is also one of the highlights of the mixed colors , fashion , wild.

Poxian the national air of a dress .The fusion of blue and light orange, fresh vitality, perfect presentation.

 A white T-shirt + blue stripedskirt , minimalist style, but Dachu fresh taste.  Girls sweet smile, the beauty of love at first sight immediately rendered.

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