Sunday, May 13, 2012

Small waist skirt clever with hide a small waist fat

Introduction: skirt, magic, hide you depressed waist fat!  Chic cut waist skirt, visual correction a little extra baggage of the body, caused by a novel visual senses to the people.
Change the delicate visual senses magic weapon: the belt 2 cm

Yang Mi water pink dress , belt, 2 cm immediately visually obvious slender; possession of live fat-like Oh! double-layer design of the skirt can be a powerful cover the abdominal fat, plays a more elegant woman temperament sense.

Change the delicate visual senses magic weapon: the waist design dress
Waist full sense of design, but the slightly textured fabric, which would allow you to cover more live in your abdomen fleshy, Rose Red is the favorite color of a lot of MM, the summer is the rich colors of the season, but because the color and very eye-catching, so it can be used with low-profile bag as a match, so that the whole body will not feel confused, can choose the same color on the accessories .

Visual senses magic: variable slim waist design small skirt
OL costume classic black and white with a small magic weapon is the upper 2 cm position on the waist with the design sense of closing the body design, a small skirt part to cover both abdominal fat, but also reflect the feeling of a woman gentle, lower body with must select the Zhitong Qun, because the upper body skirt furnishings meter lower part of the body if In the Select the the skirt of skirt design of the , the the will give people feel that the attire there are the swelling to of the whole body to hit the a sense of.

Change the delicate visual senses magic weapon: the double-layer skirt decoration meter
The design of the double-layer skirt, season the new darling of the show , Jason Wu, to launch this summer a lot of chic tailoring the two-tier skirt dresses , became the season hot topic, so that the double-layer design can be modified by the extra baggage size Oh!

Change the delicate visual sensory magic: tutu decoration meter
Puff skirt, a small pot nemesis Oh! Tutu waist design can be very efforts to cover a small pot, so that you become slim!

Change the delicate visual senses magic weapon: the retro high waist dress
Cute retro doll collar, by age, the same can also modify your few extra pounds of fat, high waist design, can effectively enhance the sense of your waist line, you feel fine!

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