Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer certain to be cute Girls' Generation show of dream dresses

Introduction: the 2012 summer fashion elements of sequins, printing, candy colors, fluorescent colors, mixed colors, etc. all rolled into one promotional photos, prints and sequins in the backdrop of colorful tones, exudes a powerful gas field and no one can , while the members of girlhood perfectly demonstrated this summer's popular high waist skirt, vest dress fashion charm.

Overbearing sequins and brightly mixed colors skirt
Elegant and sexy sequined skirt , easily become the focus among all the candy- colored fish-scale dresswith sequins high-profile, sweet and just right; spell color skirt with the retro charm of the 1950s and 1960s, coupled with the extremely popular this summer fluorescent colors and the high waist style, everywhere exudes attitude of girlhood young, optimistic and innovative fashion .

                                  OL dressessexy but also intellectual colors
Polka Dots, stripes and floral skirt popular prints this summer , is also, however gas printing elements.  The high waist skirt dissemination of intellectual beauty.  Personal style girlhood body lines show a more perfect, gorgeous candy-colored blouses with high waist skirts , full printed skirt is quite playful, revealing the personality and sense of fun.

Soft skirt with candy colors
Whether it is a candy-colored skirt or jacket , this summer's wild single product , sweet Rose Red is exceptionally attractive, summer wear clothing with the taste of the sweet Bride on the choice of a soft candy colors skirt!

Umbrella skirt this summer can not do without
Cover the hips is the most effective is to choose the sheds a single product , bon bon candy colored skirt to effectively relieve the troubles of the flat buttocks, wide hips, and show you slender legs lines, regardless of OL , dating out of the skirt are suitable style Oh!

Candy colored umbrella skirt this summer can not do without
Cover the hips is the most effective is to choose the sheds a single product , Pompon skirt effectively lifting the worry of flat buttocks, wide hips, but also shows your slender legs lines, regardless of OL , appointments are appropriate degree out of the skirt style !

                              Pale yellow rose red + white = pretty ladies wind
The candy- colored chiffon dress packed in this year's popular to the extreme, version of the type of umbrella skirt coupled with a matte finish to the sweet rose red fresh lemon yellow, the danger of the summer and Italy, with a fish head high heels , sweet and touching.

Floral pastoral wind dress
With the sweet floral skirt can be a good make you emit a small taste of the woman, full of a cool feeling, can not miss summer.

Pope printed dress
Pope printing is full of the 1960s re- design elements of antiquity love to return to the general trend in the summer.  Every young girl's dress represents the popular dress this summer printing their academic lace dress, vest paragraph OL dress , sweet to the dress to wear clothing temperament.

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