Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer wardrobe the most beautiful dresses you dress to become white, thin, beautiful

Introduction: open the wardrobe, pulled out a sexy short skirts can be very high retention rates, because the success of exposing the legs, you can enjoy the get satisfaction! However, the most fashionable of the season is definitely not that short skirt a! can be romantic and flowing skirt make you as beautiful as the goddess, the choice of color suit decided to direct the final overall effect, as well as the skills to make themselves immediately turned white thin!

Romantic dress : the clever cover meat, spike passers-by turned goddess!
The big skirt swept not half past one quarter of the choice of course, the cotton-based, but do not ignore soft chiffon and yarn skirt , white hollow knitted tie a little casual in dress inside, the overall bright spot There is no doubt that the dress on a beautiful large red flowers, sleep is not an ordinary garden, nude color, and flowers of the collision there is no small retro feel, black handbag and sandals echoes.

Cotton dress is a relatively good mix of sports shoes God horse can come up with to mix and match ! test you with skill: jumpsuit vest cotton dress, white shoes and comfortable with color really enjoyable, clever is tough with a motorcycle leather , stylish absolutely out of it!

Retro dress: elongated legs curve so easy!
Tidal range of children’s vest, tie in a dark blue waist skirt Slim skirt is never punctual OL privilege movement is still beautiful! socks Waichuan reveals a retro flavor, orange jacket must be to give the body a collision!

This skirt an absolute bright without looking at her will not work, the accumulation of large blocks of color always have a good effect! tie in fluorescence waist skirt in basic models of white long-sleeved Tee and leggings , oh color add to the High Street range The child’s weapon, coarse echo up and down with sandals and a black suit .

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