Sunday, May 20, 2012

To learn from the 1960s! When the mini dress hit retro DNA

Introduction: If the Christian Dior "New Look" is a blockbuster, and that created by Mary Quant Mini Dress can be bluntly called a fashion in the history of innovation, since that time, lap 10cm becomes a most fashionable one of the signs. Interpretation of the present, through the hands of the designer Mini Dress is turned actress who's pet, is incredible both playful, sexy and even casual street style.

After World War II, the entire Western economic recovery but also indicates that the re-emergence of the fashion industry.  Because they can not care about were prepared for the cost to buy stockings, and interesting "skirt length theory, also, or skirt obvious than the skirt you can wear for several seasons, and the most important thing is that finally can no longer wrapped which no gender-specific clothing , Christian Dior "New Look" blockbuster completely is expected.
Rounded shoulders wasp waist of the "New Look" iconic women who face up to the first time since their bodies curve, Cocktail Dress (cocktail dress), the design is the first time be raised to above the ankle. If the "New Look" to meet the needs of all Mature ', then bring another option for the Lady who advocated " popular fleeting, style forever more. "Coco Chane l, obtained on the Men inspired make simple and elegant almost against the trend "attitude into the hall of the high fashion .

Well, more than Christian Dior , Coco Chane l fully meet Older women have the demand for fashion, then the girls? do not want to wear exquisite and elegant, and are completely tired of black and white checkered, so difficult that some of the more lively and more angry the way of dress? Mini Dress turned out to instantly occupy all the vision of the fashion industry, to know that the most exaggerated when the design gurus, but also to dress "euphemism" control the knee under it.
Mini Dress in Mary Quant's hands raised to his knees four inches (about 10cm), almost at the same time and in London, the Mini Dress swept to the world Mary Quant, the first shortest skirt of the era of fashion history!
Mary Quant was born in the Blackheath area of ​​South East London, grew up not love to stay in a rut, respect for freedom, fashion becomes her hand expression.  It is not thought of, Mini Dress popular open to not only become favorable for teenagers, a conservative, middle-aged women were also put it down, so light and agile suitable for everyday wear and can not help but personalized fashion love?
Captions (clockwise): Mary, Quant in 1965 at work, in a fashion show in 1967 , and the models are on the fashion show .

The retro trend as long as the designers have not tired nor wearies, Tell me what you so will permanently be "Copy down. Fueled by the economic tide, what can maximize than for commercial gain is more important thing? Proven one after another era, the classic (or you can say is conservative) fashion which has taken one after another. interval of the continuous wave of "pay tribute" Mini Dress doing my part to become one of the most indispensable part.
Mini Dress of the season using a more "direct" way to express and retro origins of complex, Valentino, the hardness of contrast, the patchwork of overlapping Dachu nostalgic embossed texture on the building; designer Jason Wu learned the a retro good skills, Christian Dior was most proud of spiral skirt ingenious simplification of large tracts of folds and angular, and in order to highlight a sense of lightness, as well as subtle and elegant flavor; not, Gianni Versace Versace only year after year to the "short" and "retro", "Greek fret" as its theme, the current designer Donatella Versace by virtue of three can at least do the 10 show completely .

Nina Dobrev, Lauren, the Conrad, Milla of Jovovich, casual, cute and sexy and other personality is showing off is no doubt that the Mini Dress as early as no longer was rebellious self of the situation has been transformed into a Hollywood trend of the dress of the actress in their love for things.

Nina Dobrev, Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, color is usually used to express emotion, but the pattern is exemplary of the personality, the use of three-dimensional digital printing and other high-tech tactics to bring luxurious texture to the naked eye can see .

Mini Dress major brands launched in the spring and summer of 2012 , from exquisite hand-embroidered, three-dimensional cut and full of exotic tassels without a cover which.

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