Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The trend of black stunning debut on the streets

Introduction: The black and white has always been a constant trend of the main colors, has been giving a calm impression of the black this time also broke the “serious” tone, mini style, perspective, style, or supplemented by the hollow lace designed to express a sense of elegant and charming fun.

Keywords: high top soft cap
Ulyana Sergeenko Star Demonstration: Ulyana Sergeenko
Depicts a slim and has caused sense of the curve close to the body line miniskirts high fedora to join simple shapes to add a hint of humor, taste, some red decorations, red lips, red nail polish, and even the nude color red soled shoes black tone with elegant and charming that.

Key words: See-Through style
Fearne Cotton Star Model: Fearne Cotton
See-through black shirt more than a lot of temptation to a sense of being invisible, the (Perspective style) so that seemingly conservative and trousers with a metallic luster is to improve keep them coming back the trend of a single product !

Keywords: hollow
Nic ol e R ichi e Star Model: Nic ol e R ichi e-
The design of the hollow is not only thick cortex more transparent meaning, but at the same time both a sexy charm, a warm blond body shape is full affinity.

Keywords: lace
Taylor Tomasi Hill Star Model: Taylor Tomasi Hill,
The handsome leather reveals a strong woman character, so that dress and lace print dress with “aggressive” flavor, and to give modeling a richer sense of hierarchy.

Keywords: Legging s
Milla Jovovich Star Demonstration: Jovovich Milla of
The same black dress , Milla Jovovich, belt and high heels echoed in the color for the dress to add Aspect, and Legging s highlights the indispensable light and beauty.

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