Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trend Password “three-dimensional lace” Dachu small fresh

REVIEW: 2012 spring and summer show floor to Jingxian three-dimensional lace, great drape lace fabric flowers decorate more established artistic woman looks gentle intellectual.  Spring and summer show a lot of big spontaneously chose the fabric of lace embroidered chiffon material, the primary colors are all based on the charming bright colors as a base.  See the spring and summer show how the lace embroidery blooming!

2012 spring and summer show “three-dimensional lace very drape of lace fabric flowers decorate more established artistic woman looks gentle intellectual. Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton spring and summer series of shows , people can not help but think of the girls sat on the floor in a summer afternoon in the Jardin des Tuileries, fresh, fantasy; Valentino, a full show of aesthetic dream of lace, flowers and embroidery; Christian Dior organza suit is a pleasing landscape to see how the bloom of spring and summer show lace embroidery!

 Water pastel-like colors spread on the delicate simplicity of outline, combined with chiffon lace and double fabric stacked to take, giving dreamy feeling of gentle, with a fresh bag , the streets in the spring and can not help but give people the dream like the color.

If you feel the hard yarn on the show too exaggerated, elected a three-dimensional self-tailoring embroidery dress material , very appropriate, but note that the three-dimensional lace has a certain weight and drape, so with metal accessories , in order to balance.

Early summer in Wonderland-like feeling clean dream dress in Valentino, vividly reflects the feeling of “immortal”.

The nude color substrate with black lace , a classic combination of increase coupled with a belt , better highlights the waist!

Instant surge of fashion degree, nude colored embroidered lace skirt + black three-dimensional embroidery package, it seems that lace embroidered chiffon belong to this early summer, gentle, intellectual, and yet childlike sense of thin material, fresh dream, why not try This romantic season, so the lace embroidery temporarily put it!

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