Thursday, May 10, 2012

Young hot mom with a clever fashion and her daughter with sweet

REVIEW: Mother’s Day is approaching, has been promoted to the beauty of mother-class of course, to give their beloved baby Banmei about it, the mother of women’s choice, baby tainted with the fashion flavor of the mother and her mother can also be the same as the baby enjoy neotenous sweet, keep them coming back legislation to increase, really get any cooler!

Cultivating flounced dress , fresh yellow and white plaid pattern, the flouncing soft and elegant, and can cover the arm, and a little fat, do not worry Oh.

Large tracts of waves delicate embroidered lace and delicate off-white of the aesthetic of the elegant and Shuilv of with proper lower body chiffon pleated slim Slim, mother and daughter together with noble ladies style.

 The sleeve of flouncing highlight the sweet, immediately make a solid color T-shirt Smart out of color. Blue shorts , highlighting the slender legs, exquisite embroidery pattern decoration, wavy cut trousers, and enhance the soft feel.

Simple, loose T-shirt models, lace and woven cotton stitching and unique style, the sunscreen yield under the hot sun great, with a simple floral piece shorts , full of vitality!

Brightly colored floral very eye-catching, both sides the flouncing full of girls, romantic and sweet temperament.  The waist elastic can be stretched, the modified lines, more perfect.

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