Monday, May 21, 2012

Workplace Pretty Woman! Rookie one week outfit Recommend

Introduction: just take the campus into the strange career, and every morning for day wear in front of the mirror, hesitated for half a day? The couple in the end what kind of attitude into the new and unfamiliar office? Code compiled a selection of one week with the workplace, faded the green school girl, let you do a confident career Pretty Woman, the United States and the United States spent every day!

 Workplace Pretty Woman! Rookie one week outfit Recommend

Monday: light yellow T-shirts, such as the touch of the sun early in the morning, vibrant, warm, relaxed and hip style to cover the waist and hips of fleshy black and yellow is perfect with a bandage black hit the level of color-rich, green inject more bright and crystal-clear spring. drape a long necklace of simple T-shirt is the best embellishment. vitality and confidence to start this week!

Tuesday: high waist knee pencil skirt is a standard commuter dress, red retro and elegant, with a white T-shirt to let you instantly faded school girl ignorant Sentimental seconds turned the elegant light Mature!

Wednesday: Stepping into the workplace by no means a day suit dress, casual everyday dress excellent highlight the little girls are sweet and fresh, both retro College feel of extremely enhanced the sense of intimacy and the degree of goodwill. A new job can avoid aggressive Oh .

Thursday: the pants is also a commuter OL essential single product. Waist nude colored N pants exposed ankle, pulled the waist, shaping the legs the same color high-heeled essential! May be further extended to the visual extension of the lower body. petite mm worth learning. mint green, but this summer's fire tone the whole body shape capable and fresh without losing the perfect summer commuter dress!

 Friday:cheng carrying the weekend arrival of joy, such a beautiful day Do not be afraid to high-profile and bright colors, can you colorful mood infection to people around dressed in pieces of red chiffon skirt is pretty sweet, black bag black heels and black beads complement each other, and the pieces of red too much publicity, adds a calm atmosphere.  Even if the work went to a party, dating, shopping and have no pressure!

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