Friday, June 15, 2012

European Cup star WAGs: fight game fight fashion

Introduction: people crazy enough to stay up all night watching the European Cup began, to this time, men look at the football, women see the guy actually In addition, TV grab her husband’s girls can also concern the star’s wife and his girlfriend how to dress, to be able to hitch a million pet star woman is no easy task!  Here we take a look at several well-known star wife how to build their own.

ere we take a look at several well-known star wife how to build their own.

Beckhams wear the clothing of their own design
Very bold red and black with black stripes to suppress the red of passion and jumping, a little more mature and capable, deep-V design highlights the graceful good figure, matched with black boots , and more reckless.

Manchester United goalkeeper, France France than Anne Barthez Fabien Barthez, his girlfriend Linda Ivan Bulgari Costa Linda Evangelista as a supermodel naturally have their own style of dress , born a European aristocratic temperament , she more through dress with elegant highlights.

A black and white Linda filling retro elegant
White collar dress with a white tights , but fortunately, there are echoes white lace shoes black toe retro jacket, black This is a classic black and white, filling the generous and elegant women.

Cristiano Ron aldo and his girlfriend Iraq Lena  Irina Shayk
The girlfriend of former England captain Ronaldo , Irina Sha Yike (Irina Shayk) are convex body is known, so her clothing with the main to show the sexy feminine.

Iraq Lena have a good figure of course, to show
Silk shirt and silk skirt because the fabric is soft, the most likely to highlight the perfect lines of women, with their diverse pattern of lines, the silk clothes can also wear clothing sexy woman!

Cheryl able to seize the popular elements
Everyone knows that now the hottest trend of the elements of the stripes , but who thought that with the stripes Tee and striped skirts together, escape from such a sweet and stylish ! (original edit: Sister Pa)

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