Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling Summer Fashion With Green

Introduction: green tones, a very flexible color. It can be yellow-green, slightly “warm” somewhat “cold” in the blue-green and green direction. A lime green can make a design “boom”, olive green, more peaceful, and the light green gives a refreshing feeling. Green Department to create the perfect summer cool, green with resolve that you do not know!

Prints dress warm green fresh with a cascading green leaves playful, eye-catching, green, life is the feeling of freedom, green skirt with a green single product, with a green Department of the deep and shallow, people midsummer fresh doubly!

Sense of national dress, national printing fresh color to join Mint printing refreshing doubled, and more highlight the fair complexion and perfectly clear!

Flying lotus leaf, elegant color, the piece design allows you to feel the vitality of the little woman, with a hit of color accessories more personality, and allows you to High Street is more dazzling!

Very European style minimalist style T-shirt + shorts, shades of green lines of the whole body, but not as people boring, fresh feel at the same time, rose red lip gloss to enhance the sexy, make you more feminine!

Hit fresh color technique, not give a dazzling sense of graceful color with chapters collar exquisite accessories gift bright spot!

Warm hit of color cool color, white tights, breaking down barriers, so that all become so romantic, pure color of the dress is fresh and colorful summer even more color!

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