Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers to wear to the body to decorate your summer

Introduction: This year's spring and summer, can be seen everywhere a variety of dizzying pattern of flowers, the best interpretation of this season.  This season, designers can not meet simply printing, presented flowers more vivid, three-dimensional effect.  Combining with gemstones, decorated in the clothing, put it down.

Dense three-dimensional flowers, decorative , either as Xiangjian at the exquisite embellishment can also be the same as competing in full bloom the flowers over the body, realistic and vivid embellishment to bring a sweet and feminine self-evident!

Fashion Resolution: jewelry and flowers decorate the dress on to dress the gorgeous sense of the unexpected charm exudes shine the light of self-confidence, and have gorgeous jewelry decoration, no more jewelry accessories will be able to grab all focus.
Fashion Resolution: exquisite three-dimensional decorative flowers dissatisfaction with the whole dress just like a beautiful flower with gem embellishment, without any single product allows you to always shines, just above the shoes and accessories , select the appropriate a.

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