Thursday, June 28, 2012

The most unusual national wind The rise of exotic printing warfare summer

Introduction:bright floral patterns in brilliant colors framed romantic vivid, totem of the family a sense of comfortable born, exotic colors quietly from the season in the shadow of the retro fashion, the exotic flavor of the national single product more eye-catching, dazzling summer national single product to help you Dress.

Floral retro shadow of the most unusual national wind quietly rising totem printing of the exotic , intoxicating colors, can not help but love. Editor take you into the exotic wind situation, how to mix and match to taste a taste of the national single product !

Very popular print dress this summer , perhaps you have been surprised, but the exotic sense of national skirts , maybe you do not feel, but as temperatures rise, the national air quietly rising, with the 1960s the retrosunglasses , make your dress again cross-century Vietnam border, Dress up this summer!
From the nation fluorescent colors with texture shorts , chic and sophisticated ethnic jewelry and wrist echo each other, with the basic models plain T-shirt , clever nation and simple integration, even if the whole attire is very simple, as long as a single product immediately enhance the sense of national identity, and light up the whole outfit.
Ethnic customs of the printing totem vest , with a bland jeans, the same fashion degree, the pattern of exaggeration, but also visually so that your upper body appear slender.  But the most important is the unique design, full of personality, it is hard to meet Zhuangshan embarrassment.

National sense of the fold skirt with a simple elegant white shirt , if you are in with a beginner, then remember the high saturation of color or cumbersome totem, with a simple style solid color in a single product , a certain right Oh.  Retro elements into a whole attire, retro and national right, even more bright spots.
Floor – pants , India has a strong sense of national totem, a white T-shirt with a simple , sophisticated ethnic jewelry and more light, so that the overall echo each other, the cortex ethnic bags , small, pleasant, bright spot range of the whole attire. like national costume, you can also try the national wind light this summer.

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