Friday, June 8, 2012

Pencil skirt beautiful temperament stylish essential goods

Introduction: The pencil skirt is a knee up and down, hem tightening skirt type. The difference is that with all kinds of short skirt wrapped hip design cordial to the benefits of the length of the perfect outline of the buttocks legs curve, highlighting the Bottom legs, sexy and elegant, but Monroe and Princess Diana's favorite. Immature, get rid of the little girls to create light Mature proud and arrogant temperament, started from a pencil skirt.

Speaking of pencil skirts can not be ignored Victoria Beckham, a little look at the Beckhams in recent years on the street shot and activities according to, you know how much she loves the knee pencil skirts, I must mention, who is also the designer she The 2012 series of the same name brand flagship pencil skirt shape, transplanted to the brand design of personal preference, there is no suspense.  PS: knee style and could easily lead to hip width master effects, plus more will not give the length of your legs, if not the Beckhams body and Miranda child supermodel-level legs, be sure to carefully.

On-knee pencil skirt is the most tractable dress style, unlike the stringent requirements of the long section of the pencil skirt on narrow hips legs, whether you are a high or short, fat or thin, have no need to fear.  Reveal the slim leg enough to make you look tall type, remember to change the dual 7cm high heels.

The slits pencil skirt as orthodoxy pencil skirt variant, the more sexy attitude a little length slits to the knee with the gait and disappeared now, the modern fashion sense along with upgrade. Kate Princess dressed in military wind suits, with small slits to play a bit careful machine left: Donna Karan2012 early fall women's collection.

Capable and tough leather pencil skirt is a large woman must have a single product, you want to add some women's soft to do in and, just like Angelina Jolie is the same with a white silk shirt, strong and soft to the perfect combination.

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