Friday, June 22, 2012

Put Exaggerate Colors Away, Change with Pure Collocations

REVIEW: If the sexy low-grade fever of 37.2℃, so little to exaggerated pure color would not be summer your blood expansion of a medicine?  Abandon the exaggerated colors return to the original tone, the most direct enthusiasm and sheer beauty, the interpretation of the ultimate temptation of summer color is white!
White color will never be fashionable buried sway the summer sun, bright colors people can not help but fascinated, pure color seems to have become a fashion recalling the 2012 summer regardless of the T-Taiwan show, socialite, actress whom fascinated color white, in the handwriting of the designer, given the different white vitality, white to reinforce the charm of the woman!

Star Model: Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, the whole body white suit , short hair style has become more conspicuous neutral able, simple dress, with black and white classic , people can not help but once again obsessed with a neutral outfit, OL women can learn from the workplace fitted white beam will be more friendly workplace highlights the charm!

Star Model: Taylor Swift
Fall in love with the retro 50′s wave of small days after Taylor Swift , Department of nude colored doll collar with a white dress , a charming antiquity of the complex was removed a few centuries after regression summer, charming cut hem Pompon design highlights the woman’s waist, warm-hearted sexy , it seems the retro charm of this is fascinating!

Star Demonstration: Gomez, Selena
“Belly shirt” T station this summer, the stars who shine, but perhaps extraordinary that you do not dare to try, but the fashion is sometimes very interesting, a short jacket will make you the fashion but not exaggerated, highlights the posture while highlight the personality, the Department of Oceanography, fresh feeling, but also make you feel summer cool.

Star Model: Jamie Chung
Tassel design of the skirt will make you more charming white dancing figures will make your summer more prominent woman’s tactful, simple color tassel design, fresh and clean in summer attire, make plus natural freshness.

Star Model: Ashlee Simpson
This summer has been popular in a single product of the floor skirt , white Maxi dress is even more cool, with a metallic color , adult feel hard and soft hand, slightly thin white with gold so that the overall more gorgeous charming, as one hundred ride a white summer not to be buried.

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