Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Steal The Show In Off Shoulder Dresses

Introduction: a big fuss of the neck at the neck with a dress style sought after by many stars in the summer, a small neck carries the sexy and elegant charm.

Kristen Reiter
Topshop dress : local cup sun ​​dress / bag : MULBERRY / high heels : MIU MIU sun sandals
Fashion Analysis: flower pattern dress is the best choice for the summer, large areas of exposed shoulders, you can show the delicate perfection of the clavicle, more visual cut thin.

Taylor ShiWei fu
Dress : TOPSHOP / bags : the CHLOE Swarovski crystal embellishment bag / high heels : GUCCI chain suede sandals
Fashion Resolution: Two of the chiffon and silk material perfect mix and match together, and together with the ribbon in particular cut design, highlighting the plump body type, very nice.

Amber Heard
Fashion Resolution: The dark lines more prominent slender body type, the design of the long hem just to block some perfect legs nude with black boots more reckless side to expose.

Rosie Huntington - Phillis Wheatley
Fashion Analysis: tight white dress is a lot of people's most favorite design style, coupled with lace and a low profile lace elements into one, more prominent taste and temperament.

Charlize Theron
Fashion Resolution: super bold design, the body is not perfect people do not dare to challenge, is definitely the NO.1 to attract the eyes.

Kristen Reiter
Fashion Resolution: The deep blue color is lining color, make the skin look more white, a very safe cut design, with very nice high heels . (Switched from herself women network, the original editor: Buddies)

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