Sunday, June 24, 2012

The stylish simplicity installed ignite your enthusiasm for the summer

Introduction: simple low-key interpretation of fashion, style mix and match the color, simple European style wild taste, full of personality, the most extraordinary single product you do not like the European style, fashion, starting from basic T-shirt, so you Summer easily create Star Fan children!

Classic black and white, seems to have become a fashion classic, thin-skinned texture of a single product , seasonal mix and match the influx of goods, a single product if you hobby mashup can try cortical flu this summer with summer , but you kind feeling, Black retro pointed high-heeled shoes , the highlights of the whole body of clothing, so colorless with become more eye-catching!

Summer crisp white dress a certain favorite of every woman, fresh and cool feeling of giving can not resist the desire, white color scheme of the wild, white waist tie more waist slim summer is such a simple dresswill not make you feel cool it!

Basic models of T-shirt with printing of the current swept the pants, the overall gray and black lines with a style of simple yet stylish , the basic models in Europe and America must have a single product , because of its wild power you no matter with what fashion items, would seem a simple taste.

Cowboy mix and match with a beautiful long hair, sexy simple short-sleeved denim jacket with purple 9 pants, a pair of black line wedge heel and waist with a red glossy bag more echo each other, even more capable.

Gentle, white blouses with black pantyhose , T-shirt design of the basic models, do not have any equipment, but it gives clean and fresh feeling of summer, nine black pants more prominent lines, the whole attire simple, but very suitable for work family, simple but yet stylish !

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