Monday, June 11, 2012

This Week’s Street Snap, Underwear As Outwear, Steal The Show

Introduction: underwear Waichuan the word is no longer the exclusive stars, more and more women today are more daring in dress, personalized underwear Waichuan no longer gives flashy, but a stylish avant-garde sense.  If the pursuit of individuality, why do not you underwear Waichuan to show their own style? Now, I send all fashionistas this week underwear Waichuan shape for your reference.

A black hollow Bra revealed a sexy skin, with white chiffon dress , the hand bag of mixed colors, do something romantic.

Choose a sporty printing of Bra , outside the ride denim jacket with a pastel striped trousers, casual white shirt tied around his waist , is worthy of the dress of the urban influx of people.

Printingcorset can best show the romance of spring and summer, with a small red dress , outside the ride yellow cardigan hit color arm.

Of course you can choose the sexy black Bra , outside the large white lacelittle vest To cover also ashamed of sexy, same with a personality full of rivets denim shorts .

Yellow Bra with printed shorts, especially the back of the design characteristics of the overall shape of the cool and stylish .

Underwear Waichuan can also wear clothing with complex weathering , white Bra bra with khaki waist trousers, to be decorated with a blue necklace, the shape of the minimalist sexy .

Yellow printing Camisole with blue A-line dress , red belt and the frame echoes a variety of colors for the mood suddenly well up.

Printed chest clothes with denim shorts is the most simple and stylish with only need to prepare several gold accessories as embellishment.

Ethnic style of Brawith dark denim shorts , outside the ride a mint green shirt , also gives a refreshing and pleasant taste.

10 you can choose lo shi the black of Bra , with black shorts , Legging , exposing sexy waistline, choice of shoes, of course be extra ten.

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