Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hair Reduction In Ladies Understand Why

Our culture has a certain normal of beauty and that definitely contains a woman possessing hair. There's a purpose for women to panic once they find their hair is clogging the shower drain. Hair loss in women can ruin a woman�s self esteem which can result in other psychological problems.

More and more women are facing the hard fact of serious hair reduction. It is actually a problem that is affecting at least 30 million females in the United States alone. To realize why hair reduction in ladies may be occurring, you need to know a bit about how your hair grows.

You can expect your hair to grow at a rate of � an inch per month. Each of those hairs includes a phase of growth from 2 to 6 years. It is at the end of this period that the hair �rests� and then it falls out. The hair follicle then begins to grow a new strand of hair for the cycle to continue, sometimes far into our golden years.

There are those people who are born with an inherited gene for hair reduction. There's a group of hormones that interfere with the process called androgens. These hormones are in all men�s bodies in large quantities and smaller amounts in women.

Men and ladies do not experience hair reduction in the same way. Hair reduction in women tends to occur around the entire top of the head, whereas men often have a bald spot in the back of their head, around their temples and the crown of the head. It is now thought that different factors contribute to hair reduction in women, than those of men.

To locate more information on the other factors and causes of hair reduction in ladies, you can discover all you need when you search online. You can discover treatments for hair reduction in ladies and advice from experts and sufferers alike. You can even join a chat group that focuses specifically on hair loss in females and you can speak to others about remedies they have tried before you spend your money on any bogus treatments.

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