Monday, January 30, 2012

Why do women love bad men than good women

REVIEW: Why make a man a young woman who reluctantly, the biggest reason is that she is more elegant than the girls, this kind of elegant temperament is not a day can form, which requires a marriage of training, the experience of a relationship, the only way The woman is complete is perfect, a man eyes to attract a woman she must have a girl can not have a lot of things.

youthful vitality and mature feminine
Why make a man a young woman who reluctantly, the biggest reason is that she is more elegant than the girls, this kind of elegant temperament is not a day can form, which requires a marriage of training, a period of emotional experience, the only way a woman is complete is perfect, a man can attract eyes of a woman she must have a girl can not have a lot of things. Girls have is their youthful vigor, and the young woman who’s body is a mature woman exudes taste, which is a hair from the inside and the United States, she is not beautiful like a flower, but the scent , so you let them go, so the United States is the man’s favorite.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Women must not miss the New Year carnival purchase

New Year is approaching, people are used to purchase new clothes new shoes, meaning with a new spirit into the New year, new work, study, and life, down to earth on a new beginning. What style of dress that fashion can have a festive atmosphere?  Crush is very troubled by so many.  Let the new year for you to list a list of fashion, beauty make you worry and effort to wear clothes.

Cultivating cotton velvet leopard dots plus handsome Martin boots

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Korean women take the lead interview loading trendy

The upcoming holidays, all graduates who have been busy with preparation for employment.  Many are going to do the job of the students are busy preparing the interview, dress for the interview to worry about.  Installed prior to the interview often refers to the black suits and white shirts, plus neat ball head.  And not much difference between the interviewer can not dress to attract attention.  A person’s first impression will be finished less than 5 seconds, educational ability is important, but also occupies the interview wearing a very important position. Stylish and unobtrusive, while the performance of his personality is the most intelligent interview dress fitted.

Fur coat
Pure white fur coat elements, fresh colors, giving a very charming romantic, simple and smooth design, very easy and stylish, classic bunt shape, showing a charming able wind.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doctrine really wear! Chinese New Year with a Korean version of the jacket date who does not love

The taste of winter has become increasingly concentrated.  Different styles of jackets, unknowingly has turns the stage. Jacket for tall crush, it is a good choice this season.  The most transient in the winter street fashion sweet “Barbie” as her boyfriend in the eyes of the most charming princess.

Lamb’s wool cardigan jacket
Degree out of a warm, simple lamb’s wool cardigan jacket.  Stylish atmosphere stars reveal the attitude.  This is the wave of street girl who mix the ultimate goal.  Casual chic single product, with personalized scarves more color.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Street beat up people in Europe and America

The new year there are always new trends, we start overlooking the line of sight gradually, cold winter weather has a lot of dressing limitations, the opposite has become warm and slim, you want to do both in Europe and America Street beat up people’s eyes can be not be difficult, a distance that they, along with lessons through fashion, fashion + slim, not be difficult!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 European and American actress dress red and black list

Looking back on 2011, European and American entertainment, superstar dress their brains so that we clear understanding of the fashion industry is indeed a cruel fate has turned the battlefield, and supermodel, stylist who will head a time point of heat guilty of error, dressed to look up it neither fish nor fowl!  Ray’s sister daily Gaga, Rihanna will have to wear out or we have to praise the time.  Please follow PClady dress with red and black list actress enjoy the 2011

Red List on behalf of it ~: (Selena Gomez), a charming Giorgio Armani silk dress with a hem system of high X-fringed dress, plunge neckline, glittering The Jimmy Choos, completely star of tomorrow.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter coat + boots with a wave of pragmatism

REVIEW: winter clothing too many people are lazy to bother to think, with a seemingly more practical simple welcomed by everyone, big boots to find fault with the choice of good-looking legs of the MM, it had better choose the most basic wild boots, with the popular coat style! tide of pragmatism allows you to easily take a lot of Oh!

Thick with military style coat + boots
Military style equipment filled fashion circles for a long time, not only because tough feeling, wild and most important! of a single product can control the ease! in a long sweater simple style with , boots and bags echoed up and down, and replaced hot leather leggings will be more handsome! but to pay attention to sharp style leather pants are too many trivial if you join the original decoration will lose the advantage.  A fur coat decorated with particular attention to the choice of material! otherwise it will be greatly reduced!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Movie stars can also be very stylish down jacket

REVIEW: What is a cold winter down jacket more suitable than warm clothing it?  The trend of ever-changing, and now there is no down jacket design sense to abandon the previous shortcomings, the election of the jacket can also wear a personality.  Bright and warm down jacket and Western style, belt elements added to your slim waist with a full front, wearing a down jacket in winter, as you tender them.  Here’s a look at the big stars with how to interpret Variety Down it!

Rachel Bilson
Fashion Analysis: The long navy blue down jacket, color personality, style novel, yet both warm personality. With a red wool hat, bright and stylish.(Reproduced with permission from herself network)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Shang Nizi coat

Fashion a type of woolen coat , is the most suitable for winter wear, it has both warm, and abandoned the winter ‘s heavy, especially for white-collar office work in terms of a significant body of woolen fashion coat is even more important.

Casual fashion tall fur collar wool coat 
The woolen coat solid color fabrics, fashionable casual style, very easy and stylish, classic hooded shape, revealing the charm of lazy leisure, elegant and fluffy fur embellishment, fresh colors, and more romantic

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Han Chao take the necessary cold winter warm suede coat

REVIEW: cool deep winter, winter coat types to show their talents is a good season, beautiful light-colored coat, with lace, full of decorative hair-free, fully demonstrate the various elements of sweet fashion sense, give people a romantic tide a sense of atmosphere.  Hanxing Nan Gui Li in the latest shot in the street to the airport wearing a fur coat successfully steal the spotlight!

Hanxing Nan Gui Li who wore a big fur coat this winter for the sisters to bring a deep sense of Korean flavor, a touch of nude color with a full sweet lady image, no longer have to worry about the cold winter it!  The combination of the Famous and very good sense of the big camel coat , jacket stand out from the thick atmosphere of fox fur trim, and high spirit of right temperament to make the entire body.  Close stacked to wear the sweater and stockings to the body line perfectly, regardless of the length of tall girls or petite stature girls can try.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New year sweet cool thin wearing took five sets of strongly recommended

REVIEW: new year, we have to do to prepare? Hot for New Year, when the great sweep of the New Year new atmosphere, to a new dress, pretending to play it cool to be thin-based Meng! How thin? To see here! Small series over strongly recommended to dress your sets, sweet Cool New Year’s loaded, ready up!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year red sign installed

The first post of the new year, want Lyly was, of course, red Italian ~
Countdown to usher in a new year’s first at home this morning, the Sun unlimited good
Change it for their lovely quilt cover Mitch,
Red elements are consistent with the theme
The whole House happy ~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Korea heiress wearing ride Style

This season, whether it’s knitted shirts, sweaters or small jackets, the key is to take off a sweet lady fan in the bleak winter day, breaks out with natural temperament of good mood as the United States.

Friday, January 6, 2012

To become round baby face with Raiders

Review: selling cute cute tricks was one of the girls have to style, must take advantage of the best cold winter solar terms, has become a simple reduction of age! comprehensive mix of small series to help you resolve! mix to play baby face up on the road!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cooling the cold, the depths of winter can do cool lady

REVIEW: nineteen days soon to be passed, will become increasingly cold Oh! Dressing areas should pay more attention in the contest between the type and temperature will become increasingly powerful, small series give you a dressing kit, we also have cold response, not like a bear, you must be a cool lady!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Easy! December, the influx of Korean girl scarves Department of Law

REVIEW: South Korea is located in the northeast Asian continent in winter, a long time, warm scarves became a necessity, Korea is the trendy, this scarf-line Korean MM worth elegant about it, we got to 12 IN scarf with the most street and hope in the winter, it lets you instantly become monotonous elegance of the clothes are not extraordinary!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help girls: a holiday to wear school uniforms to let go with a sweep of the campus 4

REVIEW: the end of the semester immediately pack up and leave home, catch up with the election of the Year for his new clothes at the same time, how you match has become a compulsory homework.  Daily school uniforms, of course not even close, fashionable dress is every girl’s dream of self-cultivation. Crazy tutorial, you legend analytical piece know how to ride!

Help girls: you just walked into the University, looked at their sister school make-up, dress, love for their future college life is full of imagination. In addition to homework, but the girls will learn to dress courses Oh! This holiday season to make your fashion Redu leaps and bounds it! Campus now Europe and Japan and South Korea the trend goes beyond factions.  Jackets , leggings , sweaters everyday bold single product mix piercing personality is key.

Fur coat

Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter fashion should take on woolen sweater in the upper body

Knitted sweaters are became the most dominant models among lot’s of clothing made from leather, they are became the most popular winter clothing this season. Winter collections suggest many different variants of fashionable sweaters, starting with elongated sweaters together with leggings and finishing with rough tying, bright colors and unusual necklines.

Goals of Buying Wholesale Fashion Dresses

Have you ever considered buying wholesale fashion dresses? These days, it is quite logical and practical to do so. We all know that tag prices of almost everything have gone significantly higher. Women’s fashion clothing and accessories have always been expensive but they are pricier today. Budget-conscious and entrepreneurial women find strategic ways to be able to shop without spending too much.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

UGG you wear right? European and American film actress street demonstration

REVIEW: snow boots  wave has been popular for several fall and winter, this year’s Redu continues unabated. The new material and warmth UGG in the foundation, more attention to style, innovation and decorative use. UGG you wear right? Please follow the small series with a list of European and American actress out to the streets to see how to use IT GIRL UGG concave shape of it – Variety