Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gao Yuanyuan gem dress appearance and Bellucci in D & G show

February 27, 2012, Milan  2012 Milan Women’s Week (autumn), D & G  brand fashion show.  Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan appeared Akihide the day she was dressed in a black the jewels sequined skirt the elegant atmosphere, to show the East artistically.

The Oscar winner, Houhai Lun • Mirren (Dame Helen Mirren), a suit dress with shawl, and her husband Taylor Hackford, elegant appearance. Monica Bellucci (Monica Bellucci), a black dot skirt appearance, the red carpet to send large kiss.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Aspirations to the Oscar’s top ten naked women

Kate Winslet, Kate Winslet in 1997, “Jude the Obscure” will be bold strip to win the favor of the Hollywood film, even the first time took a role in the disaster epic “Titanic” and continue to audiences around the world to expose the full body. Later on, the “quill” smoke “as a parent” and other films, Kate Winslet, as always, frontal nudity, the final by virtue of “The Reader” nude to win the title.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan black and white brilliant clothing coming out the front row of Gucci in Milan show

Introduction: Milan Fashion Week, the first day of high round back to the line of sight of the media who dressed in black and white brilliant clothing, fringed jacket from Gucci2012 spring and summer women’s clothing line, shoes, fish head models show floor show replaced pointed high heels wearing a gift to a trace of the handsome and sharp taste.

Earlier weeks of winter rain, Vivian Hsu and Jolin Tsai gathered Burberry London show what can go wrong , although not in the dress , but are considered mediocre, not too reactive.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Early spring sweaters popular Spring

REVIEW: Spring has finally come back, time for a change of autumn and winter bleak mood, intention of doing for spring dress.  Sweater styling of the current pictorial content Tao Hui Chi early spring, sweet, OL, mix and match the wind, a variety of shapes everything, MM over here!

The doll collar sweater sweater + skirt both intellectual and lovely temperament Polka Dot doll collar knit shirt, work or shopping wearing a very appropriate, with a black skirt very significant height. (This article is reproduced from Netease)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coat + dress 2 with warm significantly tender

Introduction: Valentine’s Day had finished, the footsteps of spring is getting closer, but now the temperature is still maintained at below zero, the spring only in the United States and the United States lying in the closet to sleep, it can not be reconciled some ah!  In fact, as long as a winter coat, such as coats, cotton, jacket coupled with a spring dress, you can beautiful and warm through this somewhat embarrassing Rose!  Today to bring the Korean brand Cherrykoko latest spring following with Xiaobian to see how tender they match it!

Orange skirt with a cute little hem, very lovable, spring, large lapel double-breasted trench coat is appropriate to wear with a pair of boots , sexy and cute.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London Fashion Week show stars get together and support designers

Local time on February 20, 2012 Winter London Fashion Week, the Burberry brand unveiled a new design series.  The Burberry show was a “Asian cyclone swept through the day, Jolin Tsai, Vivian Hsu, weeks of winter rain and a member of the Korean girl group SNSD Burberry’s guest of honor.  Asia, the power of collective outbreak presage a Burberry next focus to capture the Asian market?

Burberry show Asian queen Jolin Tsai and South Korea combination of girlhood three members (from left to right): Xu Xianxiu rich red and blue colors gentle touching, allow children Lvqun spring, Tiffany miniskirt show legs antifreeze.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wild solid color knit shirt one to build the most influx of people

Introduction: the comfortable feeling of wearing warm, supple touch can be found in sweaters.  Solid color sweater than a low-key elegant style, complex Gumo Deng sense, super wild.  Xiaobian to see how to use the colors to create a winter fashion.

Vibrant orange, three-dimensional woven texture, cute and lovely. With a modern high waist pants , you are the brightest street scenery!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Early spring with sex lazy wind skirt Banmei Raiders

Introduction: the skirt slowly floating to the wardrobe, the more of a bar placed in the front row, the arrival of spring wake up with Qunqun mind, lazy style fried hot, and Hee-sun how his beautiful !

Tie in striped skirt retro heavy needle and knit sweaters , woolen material and sweaters hit with absolute not disorder, scarlet leggings small collision echoes up and down the shoes and the sweater, jacket with a minimalist cut suitable for all occasion of the wild !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small woman fresh early spring street shooting LOOK

Look forward to a long spring has finally began to shower, dress commonplace along with the seasonal climate change, the point of fashion will stand out from each integrity, this Spring sultry, how fresh, dressed like spring, beautiful!  Is learning to dress, stitching color is also the season of the inspection point, South Korea MM will be fresh, they are with small and medium-sized diary suit + pantyhose can simply fascinating, an exquisite retro shirt got a small a skirt dance, how to match?
The Xiaobian integration Korea Matou 22 early spring the most practical everyday dress, go learn it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Magical bow star T-Taiwan demonstration outfit a miracle by age

Introduction: women regardless of age how to grow the bottom of my heart always has a pure desire and fascination. Designers may also wish to mining their potential with the enthusiasm from the woman’s heart, so in his own works continuously mixed with a little reflects the girl as beautiful and pure fashion elements, while the bow of course, is one of the a a. Take a look at the star is how to bow to wear clothing style of the light Mature it ~

Remember the plastic bow barrette you wear in primary school? The chest cute bow decorated doll dress and bow collar print shirts, so you feel very beautiful very dream right? The details of the 2012 spring and summer girls has gone beyond the whimsy of youth, to become wrapped in high fashion the great elements. To look at today’s most popular fashion ICON are fresh and elegant feminine style outfit how to interpret the feeling of inner little girl ~ ~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Couple with shopping sweet capture

Today is Valentine’s Day February 14, 2012, and wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!Turned to Valentine’s Day, love dating of course, is a happy thing, the festival must be sweet to stick together! Uncle took LORI little hand to talk about love, eating a candlelight dinner that is happy! Of course, to the age of God’s face and a wedding or something more meaningful.

Do not worry you have any plans to matching dress is the most intuitive and showing off sweet good time, you wear, what kind of couple shirt, absolutely no one to say you are stupid! Nowadays fashionable not to wear the same is called lovers, use the mind to grasp the skills, unified style, color harmony, so as to heart sweet thing! Xiaobian collecting global High Street, couple dress, quickly look at the early to prepare! Wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet Oh!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dress minimalist trend of solid color with a fashion fight gas field

Introduction: The cocoon coat for winter epidemic began last year, step-by-step fashion design according to the minimalist trend even move, simple and clear lines, a single tone, seemingly insignificant series of single products spliced ​​to the body, it becomes a gas expression of the theme from the High Street of Matou proceed to cut, take a look at minimalist how the expression of atmospheric field solid color how you golf everyday civilians to wear take a look at here!

Black and white classic has never been beyond the black basic models primer + white T- shirt , do not rule with dress pants , a Slim black cowboy enough to express your handsome woolen long suit type with a black metal buckle boots will only make your gas field upgrade, the girl must have a certain personality, fascinated Oh

This is a dress will be High Street, some of the white letters Tee do the basement with a gray knit cardigan and the same color leggings echoed up and down, cocoon jackets and dark blue knit cap pulls out of the child, so a sense of leisure to deepen a lot of deep an appropriate mix of brown boots and nude- colored fur handbags.  If you change the black will make the overall too depressed!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The actress HuoSiYan early spring mix and match the remarkable fashion skill

Introduction: With film “Eat Drink Man Woman: Well far sound nearly finalists at the Berlin Film Festival, and the first by the Berlin official invitation to attend the opening ceremonies to be held on February 9, Chinese actress HuoSiYan recently invited to a fashionmagazine photo shoot in early spring street to shoot large, large play a bold hit of color, pleasing, apart from filling the color mix and match the impressive skill.

Turns warm again in early spring, fashion ICON HuoSiYan with lightweight materials and vibrant colors awaken by heavy winter clothing to cover the body of the season. Tulle, scleroderma, fringed, orange, fluorescent green, light blue, these seemingly irrelevant elements and color HuoSiYan who mix and match to show, like the performing arts through the clutter and move forward the road, the dressing must also won in the style of collision wonderful.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The whims sporty single product upgrade to do the ultimate modern woman

Introduction: too much style, not every day, for to dress themselves, too formal will the pressure of breath, too sexy, is not every day would like to express casual sporty or to the power and comfort, with the retro fierce winds, adding a lot of movement elements inside the pants of old age has become necessary Leggings, big version of the suit became a processing design must buy cocoon coat is a single product can easily allow you to create the whims and sporty.

Basic single-product : Leggings
With a reason to upgrade: material comfort, self-cultivation, wild
Large white T-shirt + dark gray Shirt , smoke gray leggings seem legs curve is praise, sweet pink lamb wool coat with velvet high heels always make the girls let them go, rose pink wool cap increase the number of sports atmosphere, the diagonal of the package is very modern.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Street tidal interpretation pencil pants fashion

Introduction: As in recent years, the prevalence of long shirt, pencil pants, along with a large heat up.  However, pencil pants in the tide to take a good partner can be more than just a long shirt, tight, to the effect of a short paragraph can also be clever Dachu stylish and stunning, to the spring, it is better to help MM had a big show of legs, beautiful and generous. not to be missed.

 The very Europe and the United States a paste together the body of the cut the lower body revealing, with a pair of high heels will be very sexy upper body free to take a high-necked T-shirt plus a scarf will be enough eye-catching. (This article is reproduced from Netease)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine’s Day dress outcome of five tide Let Love warming

Introduction: accompanied by the cooling weather ushered in 2012 the most romantic holiday – Valentine’s Day.  Today’s dating days you want to what to wear? Both men and women, but do not need to consider if you single, 2.14 is a charming day dress outcome of the Valentine’s Day, exposure 5 tide point, let love “warming” warm you his heart.

Kate Potts Voss, ( Kate Bosworth)
Photogenic locations: California, USA
Tide points NO.1: British coat + chiffon pleated skirt
Good skills : simple single product with American style。 Look, Kate Potts Voss (Kate Bosworth), street shooting, has been praised by the influx of people. Different classic American style, with the most simple of a single product with good integration into the European Chic style.  Retro coat exudes a thick London accent, mix and match fresh soft silk pleated skirt walking in the wind is already full of feminine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help girls: Festival belly spoiler spring mix and match to Try

Introduction: After the Spring Festival, in addition to re-start so that you do not have the spirit, I am afraid that this body issues can make you mad Oh! Wanton holidays how HOLD live in a small pot. The waist fat is not already the shadow of the “tire”? Girl help tailored for you, the layers of the face of the new spring mix and match your thick waist change slender Oh!
Clothing to help the girl, with a keen fashion sense typical are women, regardless of classic black and white ash or the trend of red, green and purple, so that women look stylish Fun classic is my motto.
To help the girl Hello, you help me think about dressing with a problem , my little belly presumptuous of the Lunar New Year holidays, what to wear to feel that the wrong child.  I am sure the waist is absolutely rough. To catch up with the season spring , how I want to wear will make up this small “defect”?
Vaseline User: Vaseline

Recommend a single product: a long coat to create the same color
Although the upcoming beginning of spring, but early spring is still cold!  Sister have long to hold back any longer the arrival of spring put on a short coat out to the streets.  In fact, the short section of the jacket just waist fat exposure Oh! Conservative, long coat, after all, to outline the contours are to build a tall visual.  Pot of course, to balance the many oh.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This winter skirt first

Introduction: can not say fat, but partial slightly fleshy sense, it puts you in with “strong” Zhanre the relationship. Winter in the days of the eyeful dark pants, the hearts of rebellious make you strong pants say NO!  But faced with the charming dresses you have no confidence … winter dresses hit Sweet!Honey girl still hesitant?

Confident on your crotch! To know this “solid radian” is absolutely not afford to support this Baoshen skirt.  Like tulip flowers , like Hanbaoyufang of course, is the “curve” to win!  Lotus leaf lace embellished skirt waist set off more see slim Oh! Match knitting sweaters or shirts are very Nice,

Monday, February 6, 2012

South Korea MM early spring retro trilogy

Introduction: The continuous hot retro hot suffer how to match is the most painful moral spring after the Spring Festival far the intersection of the season to prepare a single product to be retro, not a great thing, the rest of the things on the cross to South Korea, little girls, to see if they add what kind of fashion?
Retro : suit with
Shirts + retro sweater , with a basic color, select a comfortable gray, black leggings is bound to a matte finish jacket is the focus of vintage bags are like oh!

South Korea MM to retro and sporty mixed together, and also a great mix ! student gas at the same time fashion degree plus: the red sweater -level with a smoke gray T-shirt backing , white Slim pants clean and join the same color high-top athletic shoes very comfortable Oh! long suit in black type.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preference for motorcycle leather to break the quiet actress play the handsome Rock

REVIEW: I saw a lot of stars out to the streets, dressed in motorcycle leather is not difficult to find great actress who love casual outfit is the general direction of European and American high street, a pair of jeans + a fur coat can get together how to wear it out to see Star Street, summed up the Street Raiders, allowed itself to the gas field high street up!

Dress with
Demonstration star : Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)
Huge popularity of high pastoral princess Taylor dress , as always, a small range of children a woman, even with a tough motorcycle leather, or sections from the Pr incess, Cat’s lovely dress covered with patterns, chiffon soft material and locomotives collision leather, black retro oxford shoes are in line with her ​​country singer’s vintage qualities.

Friday, February 3, 2012

5 wild handbag shopping! Do not look for inspiration play wave

REVIEW: always feel that their dress is not enough overhangs it?  Then think of ways to make beautiful accessories a little bit!  A fashionable bag is absolutely essential.  Even a simple dress, accompanied by a ten bags will very fashion sense.  People want attention, and that was easy!

Messenger bag imitation sheepskin
Nordic-style bags , dual buckle chic style with the plush velvet leather, so you do not love it very difficult – of course, the bag can also put aside a lot of belongings, super practical and good-looking!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Distributed fashion charm wild leopard

REVIEW: Leopard the most In, not out of fashion when the stage, it exudes the charm of the wild, can instantly conquer trend.  Find your most genuine side, and tap the potential of your temperament it.  Winter and hot in Leopard, as the influx of woman you have to prepare a set of oh.

Unique Puma sweater , like cosplay play the game, what style of dress more than a leopard COS gas field? grotesque cut line, his best childhood, interesting creative tricks, cute flavor.  Even with a unique cap design is very personalized, upgraded the stylish dress, style lifestyle.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

European and American women to teach you how to wear clothing slim winter

With the New Year’s coming soon, a symbol of spring’s coming, wearing a dress also will have to change every season dress, European and American women are always at the forefront, solid atmosphere, Hyun-color fluorescence, vintage high waist, cocoon coats … … eleven demonstration, the author of your large inventory, the best dressed women in Europe and America to see with